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Majestic Nights brings conspiracies and coverups to the 1980’s

Set in the decade of excess, Epiphany Games’ Majestic Nights puts gamers in the shoes of a real live conspirator who’s taken part in every major dark and underhanded happening of the day. And then some.

“What people don’t understand about the moon landing is that all the conspiracy theorists are totally correct,” said Morgan Lean, CEO of Epiphany Games. “People walk around knowing all the facts and yet not seeing the Truth. So if the only way to package the actual reality of the situation is as entertainment, then it’s our responsibility to do exactly that!”

I couldn’t have said it better.

First of all, I love that the developer has used actual footage in that clip, lends a lot to the game and that the guys behind it know what they’re talking about. True, a little gameplay would have been nice, but I think they set the stage very well indeed for what might be a cool romp through the 80s underbelly. By the way, is it me, or are the 1980s getting a heck of a lot of play in general as of late?

In any event, Majestic Nights takes place in a ‘season’ format, the first of which will run six full chapters and the devs promise that each will be a fully contained tale all by themselves. So they’re all playable without playing all of them… if that makes sense.

The narrative centers on Cardholder, an agent of espionage who not only was present, but also just might be  responsible for “many of the biggest conspiracy events in history”. You’ll also be spending some time playing as someone a little less lofty though, a PI named Cal who’s got her own secrets to hide and a past that’s something of a question mark.

As for the gameplay, Epiphany promises that it’ll be simple enough, but that you’ll have to use your wits , some stealth, and “sometimes even a little force” to win the day.

“We wanted to create a game thatwas simple to play and just let people dive into the story,” said Sam Jensen, lead designer. “The story and the world are the forefront of this game – they’re the star of the show and we want everything the game does to support that.”

Adding to how cool this already sounds, the prequel chapter of Majestic Nights, Chapter Zero – Sunset After Dark, will be made available for free with subsequent chapters being paid content. A season pass will also be available for the game so you can secure all six episodes at once.

No release date as of yet for this role-playing thriller, but as a bit of a cloak and dagger/conspiracy fan myself (not to mention an 80’s buff), I’ll be eagerly awaiting an announcement. Expect it for the Mac, PC, iOS, and Android platforms.

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