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FPS Rougelike ‘Tower of Guns’ blasts GOG.com this week

Tower of Guns has bullets, a lot of bullets, and they’re all being fired at your general direction in the trailer for the new randomly generated FPS that’s up on GOG.com this week.

Yeah, that’s a lot of bullets alright. I know Tower of Guns is being touted as an FPS rougelike, but it looks like it could easily be an FPS bullet-hell shooter too.

Randomly generated through and through, Tower of Guns is just an old-school FPS at heart (complete with circle-strafing and lots of jumping). It’s just one that happens to have random gun upgrades, levels, and power-ups. That’s a pretty original premise for a genre that’s really just been about finding ways to progress from stage to stage and shooting everything standing in your way.

There are plenty of things to shoot in Tower of Guns though, so it does show its FPS roots. Robots, turrets, and other assorted nasties will get in your face as you attempt to avoid massive amounts of ordinance and make it through the game in one piece. Developer Terrible Posture Games promises lots of “frenetic, over-the-top action” and Tower of Guns looks every bit of that; catch it right now on GOG.com for $9.99 USD.

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