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Tomb Raider #1 (Comics) Preview

Lara continues her island-hopping adventures as the first issue of Dark Horse’s new series picks up where the acclaimed reboot left off.

If you played the first game in the prequel series from Square-Enix that saw release last year, then you know all about how good it is. Tomb Raider did more than just start Lara Croft off from the beginning of her ‘career’, it also brought a level of realism to the character that she’s never really had before.

Aside from the short-shorts and… ‘advanced’ cup size, Lara was something of a superhero in past games, getting into all manner of bizarre situations and leaping in,, guns blazing, more like a Schwarzenegger flick than anything else. 2013’s Tomb Raider on the other hand, treated the character like a real person and wasn’t afraid to see the main character get knocked around and down or get her hands dirty.

If you were a fan of that Lara, then you’re going to want to read through what Dark Horse Comics is cooking up. Tomb Raider #1 picks up right where the game left off and continues Ms. Croft’s adventures in raiding tombs- complete with a mystic flair.

Take a peek at the preview to the right and mark your treasure maps for the 26th of this month, that’s when Tomb Raider #1 will hit stands from Dark Horse and the team of Gail Simone and Nicolas Daniel Selma.

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