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Spidey takes on a whole lotta trouble in the Super Bowl trailer for TASM2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had one action-packed trailer air during the Super Bowl last Sunday. If you missed it, we’ve got it for you after the jump.

One of the biggest superhero movies on the near horizon for fans to mark off on the old calendars, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 brings back Andrew Garfield’s Spidey for a go-around with a very cool-looking meched-out version of the Rhino, Electro and a Goblin (which one, we’re not quite sure of yet).

I’ve been a Spider-Man fan for a good long time and I’m loving the designs on Rhino and Electro- as for the Green Goblin, I like the glider, but the overall look of the character is more than a little confusing. I’m sure there’ll be a little more revealed about the character that is and has always been Spider-Man’s arch nemesis between now and when the movie hits theaters- and I can’t wait to see it. It seems odd that Gobby has seemingly no mask (which is a staple of the Goblin) and we’re also still not really sure which Osborn will be tossing the pumpkin bombs.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more for you as soon as we hear anything. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 thwips into theaters on May 2nd from Sony Pictures and director Marc Webb.

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