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Skylanders Swap Force trailer leaps out of the clouds

Take a look at the upcoming Skylanders sequel with the developers at Vicarious Visions.

It’s weird that ‘jumping’ is being talked about like it’s such a new thing in a game, but it kind of is in Skylanders case. Neither of the previous home console titles have allowed Skylanders of any variety to jump- it just wasn’t part of the game.

Fans had been asking for it though, and now that Vicarious Visions has taken the development reigns from Toys for Bob, those Skylanders can jump with the best of them. We didn’t get to see to much of it in the trailer above, but I’m particularly interested in those ‘side-scroller’ levels that were teased. That’s some classic platform gaming right there and it’s also very new to the Skylanders experience.

But the jumping, as big of an addition as it is, is second fiddle to the new characters and their swapping abilities. A whole bunch of new Skylanders figures means a whole bunch of new possibilities in-game, not to mention a whole lot more room and/or cases that your going to need for ’em.

You might want to hurry up with those storage options too, because Skylanders Swap Force’s release is actualy right around the corner. The game arrives for current-gen consoles, the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS on October 13th. As for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, those don’t have firm dates as of yet, but you can probably expect them some time in November.

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