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SDCC: UDON comics to come to comiXology

The art book, comic and graphic novel publishing company UDON announces that its books are on the way to the biggest digital comic reading platform on Earth.

Not that it’s all that they publish, but if you’re a Street Fighter or Capcom fan, then you probably know and more than likely love UDON. The company has created some of the finest comics and art books based on Capcom’s properties in existence – and now they’re going to be available digitally.

Adding their stable of books to comiXology’s forty thousand some odd comics already available, UDON is opening up seven full length comic and graphic novels right now for download on the platform. The books are available right this very moment on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 & the Web- all through comiXology’s platform. And if you’re reading on an iDevice with Retina, then you’re in for a treat as you’ll get the books in hi-def with comiXology’s CMX-HD technology.

Here’s what’s available out of the gates:

  • Street Fighter #0 story by Ken Siu-Chong & art by Arnold Tsang, Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Andrew Hou – Free title!
  • Street Fighter #1 story by Ken Siu-Chong & art by Arnold Tsang, Alvin Lee, Andrew Hou, Rey, Joe Madureira
  • Street Fighter #2 story by Ken Siu-Chong & art by Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, Alan Tam, Rob Ross, Andrew Hou, Rey, Adam Warren
  • Street Fighter #3 story by Ken Siu-Chong & art by Alvin Lee, Alan Tam, Hanna Chen, Joy Ang, Rey, Rob Ross, Kevin Yan, Shane Law, & art by Arnold Tsang, Andrew Hou, Kevin Lau
  • Street Fighter #4 story by Ken Siu-Chong & art by Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Alan Tam, Hanna Chen, Joy Ang, Andrew Hou, Arnold Tsang, Rey, Kaare Andrews
  • Makeshift Miracle 1 story by Jim Zub & art by Shun Hong Chan
  • Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generations story by Ken Siu-Chong, Jim Zub, Chris Sims with art by Jeffrey Chamba Cruz, Sean Galloway, Joe Ng, Gonzalo Ordonez Arias, Long Vo, Omar Dogan, Edwin Huang

Much more of UDON’s work is on the way for digital readers too, including their hotly anticipated Street Fighter Origins: Akuma original graphic novel. That one will be ready for a day and date physical/digital release this Autumn. You can expect to see the publisher’s complete slate of releases follow suit moving forward, with ‘same day as print’ being the norm more than the exception.

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  1. I love Udon. I want to see them do more art books on the otaku games. I love me the Atelier and Ar Tonelico Qoga art books, how’s about a Hyperdimension Neptunia one?

  2. I have yet to see them do a poor job on one of their books. Seems kind of odd they don’t do more ‘eastern’ stuff now that you mention it. Even though Street Fighter is from Capcom, I don’t think you can really put it in that category anymore

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