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Sonic Lost World at SDCC

Sonic Lost World has surfaced yet again as a playable demo, this time at Comicon 2013, with Aaron Webber himself gives us another tour of the game.

Webber starts by showing off some more of Windy Hill, giving some detailed explanations about the parkour system and how the spindash and speed up mechanics affect the flow of the game. When you’re spindashing, you are in a less vulnerable state obviously, but you won’t be able to pull of the cool parkour tricks that Sonic can initiate when running. We’re also shown the optional part of the level where you can bounce on top of numerous clouds in order to reach a solid point of the level.

Next up we get to see Dessert Ruins again; you can immediately tell that there is some polish in the level that wasn’t in the E3 version. Webber himself even comments on this, explaining that the version that currently is at Comicon is updated. As he plays through the 2D act of Dessert Ruins you will notice how smooth the level design is in comparison to what it was previously. The way Sonic could just shoot himself out of a cannon without making awkward sudden stops at certain obstacles was a nice improvement, it looked really fluid.

Last but certainly not least, a new level, known as Frozen Factory. Although it’s anything but what you would imagine it to look like. It’s a Casino themed stage, a very nostalgic one at that. You can see some throwbacks to Casino Night Zone with badnicks like Crawl, and even Tails and Miles on the pinball machines just like in Sonic The Hedgehog 2. It looks very cool and somewhat challenging as you avoid lasers that suddenly appear on the floor while you’re dashing across the stage.

Sonic Lost World is shaping up to be quite the Wii U and 3DS hit. It will be available this October.

Source: Gamespot

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