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German units roll into Wargame AirLand Battle

Eugen Systems Cold War RTS Wargame AirLand Battle introduces the German forces from both West and East Germany.

Germany was a split nation back in the ’80s, with each side teaming with the two different global factions represented in the game – NATO and Warsaw Pact.

All in all, here’s what we’re looking at in these shots:

Today’s screenshots show us units from the two Germanies. Connoisseurs will easily recognize some of the new units of the FRG, especially its aircraft composing its air force, the Luftwaffe, such as the F-104G “Starfighter” and the Panavia Tornado; we can see them flying over the immense urban areas of Wargame’s new maps. On the GDR side, we can observe that most of the vehicles are of Soviet origin. This allows the GDR to access tried and tested equipment, known for its efficency and reliability, such as its own variants of the T-72 main battle tank. The GDR has also access to a large number of combat aircraft, such as the Mig-17 we can see in the screenshots, and among other aircraft, including variants of the Mig-21 that, even though they are not the most advanced planes in the conflict, can be useful in a broad range of situations when used wisely.

Germany was a really interesting place in the post WWII/pre-unification days. With half the country a part of the Soviet Block and half as a free Republic, it’s pretty interesting to see how the split nation represented in Wargame AirLand Battle.

Oh, and that funky name for Eugen Systems latest? It’s actually the name that the US Army command gave their war doctrine for Europe back in the ’80s. Wonky? Yes- but also historically accurate!

Look for Wargames AirLand Battle to see release some time in May for the PC.

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