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Infinite Crisis gets a pair of new combatants

Take a look at Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman in action in the upcoming DC Comics MOBA title Infinite Crisis in the two new Champion Profile (and ‘tips and tricks’ filled) trailers released by Warner Brothers today.

So it looks like the ‘standard’ version of Wonder Woman in the game will be of the New 52 variety, which should make fans pretty happy considering the ‘new’ costume isn’t all that different from her classic duds. Diana is easily one of the heaviest hitters in the DCU and one of the elite members of the Justice League, and it looks like developer Turbine is doing her some serious justice in Infinite Crisis.

I don’t think there are too many folks who don’t know Wonder Woman, but some readers might not remember Nightmare Batman (who I don’t think was actually called that in the comics). This is Batman from the Crimson Reign series of Elseworlds graphic novels that debuted back in the ’90s. In the books, which take place in an alternate universe, Bats is bitten by a vampire and goes on a downward spiral towards the monstrous appearance you see here.

NB also appeared in a recent DC crossover event as part of the Crisis series that led into the formation os the New 52- thus establishing him as a ‘real’ part of the DC Multiverse.

Honestly, I’m not much for the MOBA formula, but I am a big fan of the Marvel Comics action/RPG’s and even the Justice League game that was released for the Xbox and PS2 a while back. There’s something about the makeup of that formula and the graphical stye that just feels right to me for comic book heroes and Infinite Crisis seems like it’s very similar (in the looks department anyway, there are no RPG elements).

Look for Warner Bros. and Turbine’s Infinite Crisis to hit the PC this Fall.

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