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Tombraid:Underworld Bug-gered on Wii

Eidos just can’t catch a break can they? Having shipped what seems to be a reasonable enough game for Tombraider fans they should be slapping backs and counting coins but instead it appears a nasty bug has cropped up in the Wii version. I will let Eidos fill you in …

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Playstation owners still heart Lara

Despite the news a few months ago that Lara would be giving extra loving to the Xbox360, PS3 owners have snapped up the buxom barrel bouncer. Out selling the Xbox 360 at almost 2:1 the PS3 is accounting for about 51% of all sales of Tomb Raid: Underworld in it’s …

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Tomb Raider: Underworld embargo finished

Wow.. its one hell of a slow day for news worth reading today… Eidos’s newest version of there beloved Tomb Raider series is finally arriving in stores around the world within the next week or so, and today the embargo is finally lifted. And there ‘meh’ scores at the most, …

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Underworld Demo in Time for Halloween

A Tomb Raider: Underworld demo has been released on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. A PSN demo is expected to follow shortly. [PEGI: 16+] Explore everything. Stop at Nothing. Download the Tomb Raider: Underworld demo now! This is the second orginal title from Crystal Dynamics since they took over the franchise …

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