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3D Realms returns to gaming, launches mega(cheap)bundle to celebrate

Get ready for a whole lot of classic gaming goodness for not a lot of scratch- 3D Realms is back.
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DST’s releases this week include a gaggle of new Minimates of various flavors

Plants vs Zombies, Marvel Comics, and Clerks Minimates all make landfall onto the shelves of retail stores today, along with a new Godzilla bank that mech’s things up a bit.
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A double dose of Bayonetta leads the Nintendo Download this week

Two times the Bayonetta sits at the top of the offerings for NIntendo’s Wii U this week on the eShop, along with Pokemon Art Academy, Just Dance 2015, and more classic Castlevania.
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The Last Door (PC) Review

What’s beyond… The Last Door?
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STrike Force Zero

Strike Force Zero developers announce new game: Fractured Space

Edge Case Games has announced their next game will be called Fractured Space. The development team was originally called Born Ready Games and is the team behind Strike Force Zero. Continuing with their space themed shooters, Fractured Space is 5v5 player team-based game that will have shooter elements underlined with…
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | News | 0 Comments
Grindhouse cover

Drive in, bleed out with Dark Horse Comics’ Grindhouse

Author Alex De Campi brings a tale of bloody murder to Dark Horse Comics- and just in time for the Holidays!
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | Comics, News | 0 Comments
Alien Isolation Corp Lockdown

Alien: Isolation goes on Corporate Lockdown with new DLC pack

Technically the second package of DLC for Alien: Isolation (the first being the classic movie pack), Corporate Lockdown is an all-new look at the events on Sevastopol Station.
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | News, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Totoro Cupcakes
Courtesy of Lenna Ly

Lenna Ly: turning favourite characters into cupcakes

Creativity is expressed in many different ways, and today you will get to know an individual who brings her favorite characters from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro to life by making cupcakes out of them. Lenna Ly grew up in Markham Ontario. She moved all around the area but still…
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The Walking Dead multi console

The Walking Dead season 2 now available on next generation consoles

Anyone out there with an Xbox One or PS4 who might be looking for a little Halloween scare? Here’s your game. Oh, and uh, there’s a sort-of announcement of a third season in there too.
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | News, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Head back to the year 4001 for Valiant Comics’ Rai #5 this December

The future is looking bright for Valiant Comics future-warrior Rai in issue 5 of the series, on tap for this coming December.
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | Comics, News | 0 Comments

Dark Souls leaves Games for Windows in the dust on the PC

The super-hard action title will be ditching the dying Games for Windows label behind in favor of (what else) Steam.
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | News, PC | 0 Comments

Spider-Woman spins her web out of the Spider-Verse

Marvel’s Spider-centric Spider-Verse crossover event produces a monthly book for one of the Marvel U’s longest standing spider-powered charters- Spider-Woman.
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | Comics, News | 0 Comments
Dragon Age Inquisition new group

Meet the team in the newest Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer

The Inquisition isn’t just all about the Inquisitor you know.
Posted 22 Oct 2014 | News, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Bleeding Edge Iron Man available on Marvelshop.com

No, there’s nothing ‘bloody’ about this specific set of Iron Man armor that makes up the latest offering from DST, but it does represent one of the more ‘bleeding edge’ costumes that inventor Tony Stark has ever constructed.
Posted 21 Oct 2014 | Collectables, Comics, News | 0 Comments
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Extra Life 2014 Is Approaching

A chance to help sick kids by playing video games.
Posted 21 Oct 2014 | Featured Articles | 0 Comments
Xbox One Logo

It’s time to customize with the Xbox One November System Update

The November system update for the Xbox One looks to create a new way to watch TV and customization to the dashboard. One of the most requested feature is to have the ability to customize the dashboard. Currently Xbox One owners can only customize the color of the blades of…
Posted 21 Oct 2014 | Xbox One | 2 Comments
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