Morpheus Headset

Here’s a Look at SUPERHYPERCUBE: a Project Morpheus Exclusive

Finally some news about games coming to Project Morpheus! SUPERHYPERCUBE is coming exclusively to Project Morpheus. KOKOROMI is the development team/art collective behind the 80’s, retro-futuristic trippy SUPERHYPERCUBE. A first-person puzzler, SUPERHYPERCUBE was designed from the beginning to be played in 3-D and its full potential as a game has…
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Square Enix

Yoichi Wada Steps Down as Chairman of Square Enix

Yoichi Wada stepped down as Chairman of Square Enix to devote himself to the cloud gaming company, Shinra Technologies. Wada saw the potential of cloud-computing in gaming and established Shinra Technologies, a subsidiary of Square Enix, in 2014 to create cloud-gaming technology. Yoichi Wada has been with Square Enix since…
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ID4 resurgence

Independence Day sequel officially called Resurgence, coming 6/24/16

The long awaited sequel to the sci-fi action blockbuster is on course and reading for the theaters of Earth next June.
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And the most pre-ordered game shown at E3, according to Amazon, is…

I can pretty much guarantee that it isn’t anything that you’re thinking of, but Amazon has just announced the most pre-ordered title that was shown off at this past E3.
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Battlebots reboot

Battlebots Reboot Ep. 1 (TV) Review

An hyped room with flashing lights and giant cage arena in the middle, the new Battlebots reboot is a jacked-up, adrenaline fueled ride in robotic battle. Six episode mini-series, this Battlebots is a tournament to see which robot is the biggest, baddest in the ring.
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Get a better look at Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide in this new trailer

The Vermintide is coming, and this trailer seen at E3 last week has plenty of Skaven to hack’n slash.
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1 TB PS4

Sony Reveals New Version of PS4

Sony announced a new version of the PS4 designed to be lighter and more efficient than its predecessor.
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SDCC Harley Mouse Pad

Icon Heroes unveils SDCC exclusive Harley Quinn mousepad

A bombshell is hitting SDCC with the DC Comics Bombshell Harley Quinn mousepad.
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SteelSeries Siberia headsets come to current-gen consoles

SteelSeries’ excellent line of Siberia headsets is now available for the Xbox One and PS4.
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Dark Horse comiXology

Dark Horse Comics hits digital comics service comiXology

Dark Horse has officially crashed the comiXologty party, joining the largest and most widely used comic book e-reading engine.
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Batman Arkham KnightBAK_Sshot160

New Arkham Knight trailer promises the death of the Batman

The death of the Batman? We’ll see…
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Marvel relaunches Spider-Man book with Miles Morales

Is the Marvel U big enough for two Spider-Men? Probably, but you’ll find out this Fall as Spider-Man hits the stands with Miles Morales in the lead role.
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Picture this, but without the Wii U GamePad

ZombiU rebranded as Zombi, looks to be coming soon

Ubisoft’s formerly Wii U exclusive zombie survival game ZombiU looks set for a re-release. It certainly seems as though that rumor from earlier this month was right on the money, and that Ubi’s not quite ready to give up on a potential ZombiU franchise. Well… maybe ‘Zombi’ might be a…
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2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

E3 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches this February

EA sets their next Mirror’s Edge title for an early 2016 release.
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GOG summer sale last

It’s your last chance to grab some deals at the GOG Summer Sale

This is it folks, the last gasp for the GOG Summer Sale 2015.
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At some point every gamer wonders “What does it take to develop the games we love?” 
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