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Leverage Season Five (DVD) Review

For it’s fifth and final season Leverage returns with more cons, more action and more comedy for the last fifteen episodes.
Posted 14 Apr 2014 | Movies & TV, Movies & TV, Reviews | 0 Comments

Sunday Review: The Brutal Gamer Archive for the week of 4/7/14

Plenty of DVD and game reviews landed on BG this week, but the highlights of the week that was were clearly the announcement of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and updates on incoming titles like Etherium, The Crew, and Hotline Miami 2.
Posted 13 Apr 2014 | 3DS, Comics, Editorials, Featured Articles, Mac, Movies & TV, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Da Vinci triple shot

Leonardo goes to theNew World in this weekend’s episode of Da Vinci’s Demons

The fourth episode of the new season airs this Saturday on Starz. Navigating the Atlantic on the way to the New World without maps and charts? Turns out it’s not as easy as it might sound.
Posted 11 Apr 2014 | Movies & TV, News, past | 0 Comments
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Feature Friday: What’s happened to all the movie licensed games?

Often the brunt of many a joke in the industry and with fans alike, the movie licensed games of yesteryear have all but vanished form the gaming landscape.
Posted 11 Apr 2014 | Editorials, Featured Articles, industry, Movies & TV, News | 1 Comment
Fables episode 3

The Wolf Among Us: episode 3 out now for consoles and PC

What many are calling a high-note for the inaugural season of Telltale’s Fables: A Wolf Among Us has finally arrived.
Posted 11 Apr 2014 | Apple, Comics, Mac, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments

Judgement awaits in Shadowman: End Times #1

Is this the beginning of the end for the Shadowman, or another evolution for the character?
Posted 11 Apr 2014 | Comics, News, past | 0 Comments

Introducing The PewDiePew Humble Weekly Bundle

PewDiePew celebrates a milestone by saving the children.
Posted 11 Apr 2014 | Android, Indie, Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments

Media Create weekly sales

Yet again 3DS software is at the top of the chart on Media Create. PS Vita is topping the hardware chart with 3DS following closely behind. It’s no secret that PlayStation Vita is a popular platform in Japan, it’s made the top of the weekly charts time and time again….
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | 3DS, News, PS Vita, PS4 | 0 Comments

Amazon to acquire comiXology

The leading electronic comic purchasing and reading book platform is about to become a part of one of the largest internet retailers on Earth.
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | Comics, industry, News | 0 Comments

Iron Man takes on Hulk over an old secret in Original Sin #3.1

Did Tony Stark have a hand in creating the Incredible Hulk? That could be just the case as the latest secret is revealed in Original Sin #3.1.
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | Comics, News | 0 Comments
Titanfall enter the titan

New Titanfall patch goes live

Patch Update #2 for EA and Respawn’s blockbuster FPS Titanfall is now live and ready for action.
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | News, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
SOMA the_deep

New SOMA trailer shows rusting horror in the cold dark of the deep

Who thought Frictional Games’ upcoming horror title SOMA was set in space or on an alien world? Well, you were wrong…
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | News, PC, PS4 | 0 Comments
Heroes Unlimited promo

Epix to air massive Heroes Unlimited movie marathon this weekend

The cable movie channel will be airing a whole mess of action flicks this weekend, so stock up on popcorn.
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | Comics, Movies & TV, News | 0 Comments

Motion-controlled shooter Blue Estate is on the way to next-gen consoles

Formerly a Leap Motion exclusive, the motion-controlled on-rails shooter Blue Estate is coming to the Xbox One and PS4.
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | News, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Tentacles: Enter the Mind isn’t just a metaphor, it’s also Press Play’s newest game

Developer Press Play has an all new tentacle-laden adventure waiting for gamers- in their minds… well, not their minds, but you get the picture.
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | News, PC | 0 Comments
Tex Murphy - Tesla Effect Molten Silhouette

PIece together your past with this new Tex Murphy trailer

Tex Murphy is a gumshoe out of time in Tesla Effect, but can the perennially down on his luck PI figure out what’s kept him in the dark for the past 7 years?
Posted 10 Apr 2014 | Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments
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