Metal Gear Solid V launch trailer promises to complete the saga

If this really is the last Metal Gear Solid game, then the series is going out with a pretty big bang.
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GOG Doom splash

Bethesda premiers on with Doom, Elder Scrolls and more

Classic FPS’ and role-playing titles from Bethesda have made their way to, complete with an intro week deal that you won’t want to miss out on.
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PAX Prime 2015: Nintendo looks to make an impact

Some of the company’s biggest games of the year will be on display at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, along with a special panel presentation.
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Hellboy in Hell 7 Cover

Comic Shop Picks: Superman, Secret Wars, and Hellboy in Hell

Some gems hit comic shops today, including all the big boys and girls of the superhero set, and the can’t miss continuation of the brilliant Hellboy in Hell.
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LEGO Dimensions to offer over a dozen levels of play

If you were worried the the vanilla edition of LEGO Dimensions wouldn’t offer too much to do fresh from the box, well… don’t.
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Emmy meets her twin in Harrow County #6

Freshly off the wrapped up first arc of the series, an empowered Emmy remembers her former life as Hester. And it’s just in time too, as she meets her ‘twin’ Kammi.
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King Kong Vs Godzilla [DVD]

Universal Month: King Kong vs Godzilla (DVD)

We were looking for a classic monster film and found some unintended horror in Universal Month. Every Godzilla fan should cringe.
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Diablo III Patch 2.3.0 Released

Diablo III gets new content and a bunch of changes.
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The Event

Universal Month: The Event: Series 1 (Blu-ray)

What is ‘The Event’ and should you care? In Universal Month we answer the question about this one and done TV show.
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Epix September

Epix preps for a big September with Interstellar, The Gambler and more

Big TV premiers mark a September on the Epix network that also includes a comedy special from former late-night MC Craig Ferguson.
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Two decades of Dungeons & Dragons arrives on

Some of the oldest and best-loved PC games of all time have a new home on GOG, as 20 years worth of D&D titles have arrived in the store.
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Dishonored Definitive Edition leaps onto current-gen consoles today

Experience the full Dishonored story, complete with spiffy new looks, in the now available Definitive Edition of the game.
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Dying LIght the following

Here’s 15 minutes of Dying Light: The Following’s gameplay

Driving, zombies, and driving into zombies- it’s Dying Light’s big and bad expansion pack The Following.
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Nintendo is ready to talk to Hollywood again

It looks like the stink of the Super Mario Bros movie has officially wafted away, as Nintendo just might be ready to think about making movies out of their catalog of properties again.
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Sept previews Front Cover

Previews unveils ‘as seen on TV’ September issue

Three-quels Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Dark Knight III: The Master Race take cover honors for the next issue of the jumbo comic book shop bible.
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Universal Month: Sliders: Seasons 1&2, 3, 4 [DVDs]

Alternate dimension storylines done right with Sliders, a show that starts out great then turns to aliens in Universal Month.
Posted 25 Aug 2015 | Movies & TV, Universal Month | 0 Comments
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