Wasteland 2 console PS4_WL2DC_2D_Pack_USA

Wasteland 2 heads to consoles with Director’s Cut edition

The long-awaited PC strategy title is on the way to consoles, as Deep Silver and inXile has made it official that Wasteland 2 is on the way to the Xbox One and PS4.
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Dynamite Comics’ Greatest Hits go on sale till tomorrow on comiXology

It’s a short sale with a lot of great stuff included for those looking to pick up some digital Dynamite Comics for cheap.
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MIONIX CASTOR Image 1 transparent

Mionix’ Castor gaming mouse touts righty ergonomics

Gaming mouse maker Mionix has pumped out a number of well-made mice over the years. Their latest, the Castor, looks to improve right-handed ergonomics while upping the ante on processing time and tracking.
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Corpse of Discovery CoD_Planet02

Steeped in themes of sacrifice, Corpse of Discovery might be a sleeper hit

An adventure and exploration-heavy game meant to get you thinking, Corpse of Discovery takes place on an alien world, centering on an astronaut far from home, and yearning to get home to his family.
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Marvel relaunches Hercules this Fall

All-new, all-different? Well, maybe not all different in Hercules’ case, but he’s nonetheless on the way back to monthly series status with this Autumn’s Hercules #1.
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Massive Dying Light expansion ‘The Following’ announced

Not starring Kevin Bacon, but still pretty awesome in its own right, the new expansion pack for Dying Light is one not to be missed by anyone who dreams of running down zombies with a dune buggy. And really, isn’t that everyone?
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Groot PX Exclusive mug

I am Groot… mug

Groot’s got you covered as goes your morning cup of joe (or tea, or cocoa, or whatever) thanks to this new exclusive item, stocked by the fine folks at Previews.
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Nintendo preps Loot Crate-like service

Nintendo fans, get ready to hit ‘subscribe’ as the company is getting a service together that looks remarkably like geek fave Loot Crate.
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Continuum - Season 1

Universal Month: Continuum Season One (Blu-ray)

A woman from the future must hunt her terrorists in the modern day in today’s Universal Month item. Is it worth your time too?
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Toy Soldiers Cobra_005

Toy Soldiers War Chest officially dated for next month

The War Chest is overflowing with toy armies in the latest iteration of Ubisoft’s Toy Soldiers, and it’ll be available to play on consoles and PC in just a few weeks.
Posted 29 Jul 2015 | Action Figures and Toys, News, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Miiverse 2015 update

Get talkative in the new Miiverse update on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS

Movers is on the receiving end of a “major” update that makes chatting about games on Nintendo’s systems a little easier.
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Hellboy in Hell 7 Cover

Hellboy in Hell #7 (Comics) Review

In a world of hurt, Hellboy’s trek through hell continues when he faces off against a spiritual illness that’s killing him… again.
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Age of Ultron comes home this Fall

Marvel’s latest Avengers feature film hits digital download this September and home video this October, filled with deleted scenes, some outtakes, and more.
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Homeworld Remastered hwrc_pc_2d_uk

Homeworld Remastered Collection (PC) Review

One of the best space-based RTS’ of all time returns in remastered form, but does it hold up?
Posted 29 Jul 2015 | News, PC, PC Reviews, Reviews | 0 Comments
wii u mario

Nintendo’s sales are finally back up, but it’s not all good news

There hasn’t been much to talk about in Nintendo land in the way of good news, but the company has just announced that sales are up. As you might imagine though, it’s not all sunshine and roses.
Posted 29 Jul 2015 | industry, News, Nintendo, Wii U | 0 Comments

Lost Dimension (PS Vita) Review

11 Heroes band together to defeat the ultimate enemy The End – only not everything is as it seems. 11 Heroes. 6 Traitors. One treacherous tower. Can you survive?
Posted 29 Jul 2015 | Playstation 3 Reviews, PS Vita, PS Vita, PS3 | 0 Comments
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