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Nintendo Download: Waka Waka Waka

Nintendo is adding a fair number of games to its online catalogue this week, including the obligatory NEOGEO game! The heavy hitters this week are Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus, Payday 2 and Steamworld Dig 2 (for the 3DS). Take a look at the full list of offerings below, courtesy …

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Episode 30: Lots of Comic News

Brutal Podcast 4

Erich, Rick and Jason are at it again! These week, the guys break down some of the new gaming news, including the Nintendo Download and the Nintendo LABO news before Jason steals the show with his tows and comic rack! It’s a fun show, so sit back, put on your …

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MADiSON Demo (PC) Review

MADiSON Banner

MADiSON is a highly realistic, insanely terrifying psychological horror game demo that made me shit my pants. MADiSON builds up ambient fear to maximize all the jump-scares it has in store. While I do wish games would rely less on jump-scares and more on ambiance, I do feel that MADiSON …

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Avengers #1 (Comics) Preview

Marvel’s biggest super-team is back in the “Fresh Start” era with a new roster and a new direction. And yes, the big guns are very much back in action. This is the best Avengers team in a good long time.

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Venom #1 (Comics) Preview

Now don’t get too upset – though this Venom issue is a “number one”, it’s actually not. A part of Fresh Start, Marvel is going with a dual numbing system for it’s restarted lineup. So yes, this is a #1, but it’s also got the Legacy numbering intact. Oh, and …

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Dark Horse to produce Super Mario Encyclopedia

Yeah, we’re mainly reporting on New York’s Toy Fair this week, but there’s another con happening as well. And Dark Horse has just made a pretty awesome announcement at Emerald City Comic Con, as they’ll be teaming yet again with Nintendo. This time it’s for the Super Mario Encyclopedia.

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Megaman Legacy Collection 1+2 Gets Switch Release Date

Although these games have been out for awhile on other consoles, the only console that should matter for Mega Man is getting the collections in a few months. May Release Date: The Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 will be hitting shelves for the Switch on May 22. Although there is …

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