EGX Hands-On: Induction

A game of time travel and causality.
Posted 08 Oct 2014 | Expo, Mac, PC, Preview | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Battlefield Hardline

A look at the next game in the Battlefield franchise.
Posted 01 Oct 2014 | Expo, PC, Preview, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Poncho

A little robot’s quest to find his father.
Posted 29 Sep 2014 | Expo, PC, Preview | 0 Comments

Reused Assets #2: The One From EGX London

A visit to London to see some brand new games.
Posted 28 Sep 2014 | Expo, Podcast | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Never Alone

The story of a girl and her white fox.
Posted 27 Sep 2014 | Expo, PC, Preview, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Minutes

A look at a somewhat different take on the ‘bullet hell’ game.
Posted 27 Sep 2014 | Expo, Preview, PS Vita, PS4 | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: The Marvellous Miss Take

Robbed by the elite?  Get your own back.
Posted 25 Sep 2014 | Expo, PC, Preview | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: LittleBigPlanet 3

Sackboy and friends come to the next generation for some platforming fun.
Posted 25 Sep 2014 | Expo, Featured Articles, Preview, PS4 | 1 Comment

This Cosplayer Is Literally Perfect

At the recent Allentown Comic Con, A very special guest was there. Family Guys  own peter Griffin, in the flesh. This is pretty much the best cosplay ever, i mean he doesn’t even need to go to that much effort just put some clothes on and do the voice. His chin…
Posted 14 Jul 2014 | Expo, News | 0 Comments

Square Enix reveals Batman Arkham Origins Exclusive For SDCC

Now E3 is done and dusted, Square have revealed their Arkham Orgins exclusive Batman action figure for SDCC. With limited stock of 1000 pieces and 500 pre-order on-line only, this would be a fab addition to any collection. BATMAN™: Arkham Origins depicts Batman when he first started on his path…
Posted 15 Jun 2014 | Collectables, Expo, SDCC | 1 Comment

E3:2014 Let It Die Revealed As PS4 Exclusive

When Sony revealed Let It Die, another title from Suda 51. I think I was shocked more than anything, then after the third or fourth time watching, I got say I’m looking forward to it. Little information is known at the moment, but this free to play fighting game looks…
Posted 12 Jun 2014 | E3, Expo, PS4, Sony, trailers | 0 Comments

E3 2014: Tom Clancy’s The Division Cinematic Trailer

I’m speaking as some who had never played a single game of the Tom Clancy series. But my goodness I’m excited for this one. The cinematic trailer alone grabbed my attention at the Ubisoft presser and then the game play for this on-line multi RPG has got me desperate for…
Posted 11 Jun 2014 | E3, Expo, News, PC, PS4, Ubisoft, Xbox One | 1 Comment

E3 2014: Assassins Creed Unity Game-play Demo

O.M.G . Ubisoft revealed their co-op game-play just hours before the ACU game-play demo was shown during their conference. And what an amazing demo it was. 3 years in development, and finally this beauty of a game is almost ready for us to get our hands on it. With new weapon…
Posted 10 Jun 2014 | demo, E3, Expo, News, past, PC, PS4, trailers, Ubisoft | 1 Comment

E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference Review

Wow!! Fan girling so much right now. Ubisoft, you have truly out done yourselves. Trailers, demo’s and Brand New Game Announcement. How can anyone contain this much excitement. Props go to presenter Aisha Taylor for getting everyone pumped throughout the entire conference. First mentions have to go to the amazing…
Posted 09 Jun 2014 | E3, Expo, industry, News, Preview, Ubisoft | 0 Comments

E3 2014: The Evil Within Demo

Today at E3, we got a great first look at The Evil Within, in demo form.
Posted 09 Jun 2014 | demo, E3, Expo, News | 0 Comments
Teams of 2-4 players working on missions along side the single player story.

E3: 2014 Assassins Creed Unity Co-op mode Video released

Well, a little earlier then the show, Ubisoft have released a 5 minute video on the game play of Assassins Creed Unity Co-op mode.
Posted 09 Jun 2014 | E3, Expo, News, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments
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