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SDCC 2018: Marvel expands Spider-books with Ghost Spider and Superior Octopus

Just what these new announcements will lead to is unknown, but it looks like Spidergeddon’s culling of Spider-titles won’t be long-lived.

Cutting the thread, and spinning a new one

What is happening with Marvel’s Spider-Man spinoffs? Well, honestly I have no idea, though I think it’s fair to say that the answer is wrapped up in Spidergeddon. The new Marvel event series will kick off soon, bringing a possible whittling down of Spider-themed books. At least, I hope it will. But if that is what’s coming along, then it’s not going to last all that long.

Yesterday Marvel Comics announced a pair of new titles… maybe. The truth is that the publisher didn’t expound on the two single images that it released, though that’s nothing new. The majority of these teases from Marvel have little to no information posted with them. You’re just kind of left to guess at what they mean.

These are all that much more interesting then usual however, thanks to the impending Spider-Man event. Will Ghost Spider and Superior Octopus be ongoing series’? Will they be one-shots? Maybe miniseries? Will we ever just see Doc Ock be Doc Ock again (probably not)?

We’ll find out the answers to some of these questions in short order though. Next week’s Comic Con International will apparently have more news released about not just these pictures, but also Spidergeddon in general.

Marvel’s Spider-Man panel takes place on Friday 7/20 at 12:30 pacific time.


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