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New Mass Effect Trailer Gives Us A Tour of the Tempest

So literally the next day after posting Everything We Know About Andromeda, Bioware hit us with a new video taking us on a tour around the Tempest unveiling everything there is to know which I previously did not. Prior, we only knew of a few rooms but this video shows us all the rest. See below.

Inside The Tempest

It certainly has a very Normandy feel about it. Just a little smoother around the edges. At the same time it looks new and shiny enough to keep things fresh.

The Tempest is however very different from the Normandy. Built not for combat, the Tempest was specifically designed for scouting. It’s fast and stealthy. There’s no heavy armour or huge cannons slowing it down. I for one am interested in seeing how this will play in the game. Before we took part in a few awesome cut-scenes of space battle and the Normandy would join in, now it seems we’ll be running away. Who knows, maybe we’ll get some awesome space chase cut-scenes instead.

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