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Technomancer assembles a crew and gets to Mars

The newest game from developer Spiders’, The Technomancer is a cyberpunk RPG that sees you and your party questing across the barren wastes of the Red Planet. And how you treat and outfit your pals is entirely up to you.

Pretty deep party system on display there, as The Technomancer is looking impressive. Spiders’ has had plenty of practice of course, with the underrated Bound by Flame and Mars War Logs both under their collective belt already. Though there are similarities between those games and this one (especially with MWL), The Technomancer looks head and shoulders above those previous releases.

One of the key things that separates it from the pack in general look to be the companions system. As you can see int the trailer above, there’s a lot to it. Not only does each companion character have his or her own story arc within the game and weaponry and armor that you can choose to outfit them with, but they all have their own personalities as well. And those traits will either mesh with how you play the game or not, which could lead to schisms.

Spiders even goes so far as to not only incorporate romantic elements, but also the possibility of having things get to the point that party members will leave your group. Pretty cool.

All in all, The Technomancer is looking pretty sharp and should scratch that cyberpunk-itch well enough when it lands on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June the 28th.

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