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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil now corrupting consoles and PC

The newest title in the formerly dormant Overlord series is now available for all your evil-doing pleasure.

Ah yes, evil finds a way, so true.

Not seen for a good long time, Overlord is back and in living color in a brand new way. Not content with simply defending a dungeon against the meddlesome heroes this time around, the game now sets players against the world at large. Spreading chaos and destruction is made all that much easier too, thanks to there being four times the baddies this time around.

With the original Overlord presumed dead and gone (presumed), the minions resurrect a quartet of recently killed off bad guys who become the Netherghūls, which basically sound like wraiths. And although you’ll be engaging heroes directly on their own turf in Fellowship of Evil, you can still summon up some minions to help, like in the original games.

Oh, and the main force of good in the game are a bunch of paladins called the Shining Justice ad their leader- a unicorn named Sparkle. Yep.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is now available for consoles and the PC, and will run you $18.99 USD.

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