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The Forest Arrives on Steam

The open-world survival horror title by Endnight Games hit Steam’s Early Access this afternoon.

It has already hit number 1, and shows no signs of slowing down. Priced at 14.99, that gets you all current and future updates.

Billed as an an open-world game with an emphasis on survival, you’re given alot of freedom. After surviving a plane crash you can build a base, explore the achingly beautiful world, and make-shift weapons. All to defend yourself against  mutants. Or take the scenic route and play on peaceful mode, which effectively disables the horror aspects.

This being early access, the game is not yet finished, but here’s some things Endnight Games hopes to add; expanded A.I, more areas, more crafting and building options, and visual improvements. While it obviously has bugs (as every game of this size and caliber will, let alone for an early access), the reviews so far on Steam are glowing.

To me, this game looks as beautiful as it does scary, which makes it a very interesting prospect. And that’s coming from the person who can’t play Slender Man after 6 P.M.



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