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Shadow of the Beast to get remake on playstation 4

Originally developed by Reflections Interactive, Shadow of the Beast is the latest game (or victim, depending on how you look at it) to be getting a reboot.


Heavy Spectrum are tasked with destroying my childhood memo- I mean reviving the 1989 classic, which was released for the Amiga and then later on ported to the Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis and SNES.

The Story of the original followed Arbron, a man seeking revenge against the evil beast lord Maletoth, who transformed him in to a beast after kidnapping him as a child. The game went on to spawn two sequels, also released for the Amiga. The most noteworthy aspect of the trilogy was the insanely high difficulty setting along with the fact the game had no continues.

Founder of Heavy Spectrum, Matt Birch, told Playstation.Blog ” For us at Heavy Spectrum to be working on this game is a dream come true. We have a unique and innovative gameplay idea, and a chance to build something truly special; a game that captures the essence of a treasured personal experience.”

I owned and played the original Shadow of the Beast, which was way back when, and I can honestly say, being able to beat such a tough game is probably one of my greatest gaming achievements.

Source: Playstation.Blog

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