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Sacred Citadel hacks and slashes consoles and PC

Deep Silver’s side-scrolling take on the action/RPG series Sacred is out now for all your cel-shaded, monster bludgeoning needs. Update- now with more Jungle!

There are several playable character classes, such as the Safiri Warrior, the Ancarian Ranger and the Khukuri Shaman , each with a different skill set that can be further individualized through RPG features and collectible items. Each character will also have the ability to dual-wield two exchangeable weapons, use combo attacks and perform double jumps. All of which combines into a fluid and unique arcade game experience with sophisticated graphics and spectacular effects. The player will also be able to ride mounts, use war machines and spend his hard earned cash in towns all over the world of Sacred Citadel.

Aside from good looks, Sacred Citadel also sports a three player multiplayer mode with drop-in/drop-out co-op. And this is no mere side-story either as Citadel functions as a direct prequel to the forthcoming next chapter in the main Sacred storyline; so this is one that fans might seriously want to check out.

Sacred Citadel is available now on the PC, Xbox Live and the PSN

Update – Well, no sooner that we posted up the launch trailer did Deep Silver get in touch with us to add that the Jungle Hunt DLC expansion pack is also available for Sacred Citadel.

The “Jungle Hunt” DLC offers an all new chapter of the Sacred Citadel story, a brand new setting as well as three exciting bonus levels. This DLC will be available for 400 MS points or 4,99 USD / Euro.

The battle has been won, but the war is not over yet for the battle hardened heroes of Sacred Citadel! “Big Mama”, the malodorous leader of the evil Grimmocs has escaped into the menacing jungles of Ancaria with a sacred relic. The heroes will need to bring “Big Mama” to justice and retrieve the valuable item.

Just as they did during the main campaign of Sacred Citadel the four unique character classes need to gather once again and combine their different skills in this exciting co-op adventure.

Get your loincloths ready, the Jungle Hunt os available now for 1200MS points and $14.99 for the Xbox 360 or PSN/PC respectively.

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