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Opinion: Red Dead Redemption 2 is Bad, Actually

So, if you have gotten this far, you are probably annoyed with me for having uttered such a silly phrase. Read Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of the past 10 years! Surely I must just be fishing for “clicks,” and I don’t really think this, …

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Episode 52: Call of Just Cause

Brutal Podcast 4

Hello, and welcome back to the Brutal Gamer Cast! The gang has a lot to go over this week, including a bunch of Warhammer news, Just Cause 4, Call of Cthulhu and much more! It is a great show, so listen below, or find us on iTunes! Have something you …

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God Of War #1 (Comic) Review


God Of War (PS4) has received much praise after being released a few months ago. Capitalizing on the success and popularity, Santa Monica Studio has released the first issue of the God Of War comic book and unlike the video game, it just doesn’t stand out. Disclaimer: I haven’t played …

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