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Pokemon Ultra Sun (3DS) Review

It seems like every holiday season comes with the addition of a new Pokémon game. 2017 is no different. This year brings what will in all likliehood be the last handheld only addition to the series. How does the game stack up? Lets take a look. It’s time to save …

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Legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold Releases Memoir

Paul Oakenfold Releases Memoir

Grammy Award-Winning DJ and platinum selling artist Paul Oakenfold is telling the “not quite true” story of his life as one of the progenitors of electronic music and one the greatest DJ’s of all time with his first ever book, a graphic novel which features an original soundtrack by Oakenfold.

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Oh My Godheads (PC) Review

Oh My Godheads

Not to be confused with an anime of nearly the same name, Oh My Godheads is a 4-player 3D party brawler where you and your friends battle it out with giant god heads. Use the heads of gods from various myths and legends to destroy friendships and controllers by winning …

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The Walking Dead 808 “How It’s Gotta Be” Recap

The first half of the eighth season of the Walking Dead aired on Sunday night. One of the biggest shockers since the beginning of the show, this midseason finale delivered a cruel gutpunch amid tons of action and development. Like a few of the previous episodes, the action here is …

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