3DS’s End of the Year Season Begins With This Week’s Nintendo Download

Chibi-Robo, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and The Legend of Legacy highlight.
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Bridge Constructor-2

Bridge Constructor (Xbox One) Review

Bridge Constructor was previously an iPhone physics-puzzle game that should have stayed on a mobile platform, because this is clearly nothing but a non-functioning, lazy port with no purpose other than to generate a few bucks to the creator’s pockets.
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Dim Light (iOS) Review

Dim Light takes a simple game mechanic and creates a rather simple, yet effective game. Taking the premise of real life horror mazes, this game by BeomSu Oh tasks players with escaping from the pitch-black madness. Upon opening the game i was automatically forced to liken it to ‘Limbo’ due…
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Voltron From The Ashes #1 Cover B - Alex Milne B&W - Con Exclusive

NYCC 2015: Dynamite Comics heads to NYC with panels, guests, and exclusives

Plenty to like as far as Dynamite Comics’ presence at NYCC this week.
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Quarantine Studio Unleashes Bloodshot by David Aja

Bloodshot is the first-ever officially licensed Valiant statue!  Based on the artwork of multiple Eisner Award-winning artist David Aja (Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist),  this 1/6 scale statue recreates Aja’s iconic cover for Bloodshot #1 (2012). This milestone collectible comes riddled with detail from the base of Bloodshot’s boots to the top…
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2D RPG Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan announced

Aurion Legacy of the Kori Odan is in development by Kiro’o Games, Africa’s first videogame developer, and features hand-drawn and animated African-style graphics and a deep storyline which unfolds over 20 hours of action-packed gameplay which is filled with combat and combos.  The dynamic gameplay is partially inspired by the…
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high strangeness

High Strangeness (PC) Review

High Strangeness is a short indie romp that takes its players through areas inspired by real life places of historical significance, such as Easter Island and the pyramids in Egypt.
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Mad Max meets Valiant’s Bloodshot in The Analog Man

Jump forward 30 years into the future, to a wasteland that used to be California, as Bloodshot finds himself out of date- an Analog Man.
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Pathologic Calssic HD

Pathologic returns to plague PC gamers

Thanks to Devolver Digital, the cult PC classic Pathologic is making a comeback.
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Hocus Pocus poster

Hocus Pocus (Retro) Movie Review

As a kid born in the ’80s and growing up in the ’90s I have many fond memories of my childhood around Halloween, because of the classic movies I watched with my family. 20 years later I am still under the spell of Hocus Pocus.
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Teslapunk – Retro shooters fly again

Retro-style arcade shoot-em-up Teslapunk evokes memories of those who have come before.
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Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition dated, rides in just before Halloween

Excellent timing, as Death and his pale horse will return to consoles just before All Hallow’s Eve.
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Need for Speed Car Cust

The garage is where the magic happens… for customization in Need for Speed

Tweak out your ride to the extreme in Need for Speed’s editor.
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Sonic: Lost World coming to Steam

The previously exclusive WiiU title, Sonic Lost World will be coming to the PC gaming platform in the beginning of November. A listing for the blue speeder’s recent game popped up on Steam, with a pre-purchase deal that includes Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. The game, which can be…
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Transform and roll out! Transformers: Devastation blasts into stores today

Platinum Games’ incredibly faithful take on the original Transformers cartoon show (YES!) hits stores and digital download today.
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Far Cry: Primal announced

Taking a step (or a few thousand) steps back in time, the Far Cry series is going prehistoric. The newest Far Cry, Far Cry: Primal was announced this week for a Feb. 23, 2016 release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. According to the Ubisoft Far Cry blog, the PC…
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