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The Future Plans Of Battleborn


For the past several weeks, Battleborn have been rolling updates in the form of Battlplans. Usually discussing upcoming content or balancing issues, June’s Battleplan sets the future of the game. In an extensive list, 2K has provided information on a vast amount of content ranging from free DLC content, premium …

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Arma Mobile Ops: Take the Fight With You

Arma Goes Mobile: Take the Fight With You

Bohemia Interactive have revealed Arma Mobile Ops, a free-to-play strategic title for iOS and Android devices. The latest addition to the highly successful Arma series is available World-Wide for free download on the App Store and Google Play as of TODAY. Removed from the typical FPS genre associated with the core Arma franchise, Mobile Ops offers a fast paced classic …

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The Status and Future of Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Virtual Reality may be considered the future of gaming, but how distant is that future? Sony’s E3 conference in June 2016 highlighted upcoming titles including a returning Crash Bandicoot and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding; yet, there was almost no mention of the Neo console. Despite announcements by Microsoft …

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Dynasty Warriors to Receive New Mobile Game


Project Dynasty Warriors will be on Android and IOS Dynasty Warriors is a very long running franchise. Since 1997 nearly twenty games bearing the name have been published, and the latest entry is coming to mobile. Project Dynasty Warriors is now slated to be the newest entry in the franchise. …

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KontrolFreek Destiny Signature Thumb Pads Review


Do 8.0 mm of gripped rubber really make you a better Destiny player? Apparently, it really does. At least, in my experience with them I feel that it did. As it is, I maintain a pretty high accuracy when I play FPS’, but when playing Destiny with these bad boys, I …

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Who’s That Pokemon?: New Pokemon Leaked

New Pokemon

Overnight, various clips circulated online revealing 7 new Pokemon. The leaked clip garnered a mixed response from fans. The Pokemon Company released an official trailer which confirms the leaked information as being real. The reception to the newly announced creatures has been lukewarm. Netizens were convinced that these characters were fake, …

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Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens #1 (Comics) Review

Predator v Alien v Dredd cover

Predators and Aliens and Dredds – oh my! Predators and Aliens and Dredds - oh my! Good morning all, at time of writing, and welcome to another Brutal Review. I embark on an adventure in new and dangerous territory this week (well, for you ;) -ed), comics! The comic I …

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FIFA 16 – optimism Vs. reality

FIFA bug

When I was a lad, my parents bought me a copy of FIFA Football 2005 for Christmas. This was to be my first real experience with a football game and ten-year-old me thought it was fantastic, as I put myself into the game and dominated with Manchester United in career …

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Bounty #1 (Comics) Review


Not deep, but a heck of a lot of fun Not deep, but a heck of a lot of fun   Bounty #1 is another new IP from Darkhorse Comics, and it has proven to be even more colorful than Cryptocracy, literally and figuratively. It centers around two sisters, and …

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What To Think Of A New G2A Support System?

Support system

  In about a month G2A digital marketplace launches their new support system. A system aimed at developers and publishers, to help them maintain their profits. Obviously, a system to help them keep track of their game keys and avoid possible frauds. After all, crimes happen. Recently one such crime occured. …

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Not Your Father’s Flintstones

flintstones 2

Flintstones – Yabba Dabba Do? Back in the paleolithic town of Bedrock, the Flintstone’s have gotten quite the facelift. While it is still The Flintstones, it’s not quite the Flintstones we remember. Wilma creates modern art, and Fred shops at Neanderall & Big Men’s Clothing store. DC Comics have given …

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Overwatch Gets Competitive!

Overwatch Gets Competitive!

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is taking it up a notch by adding a Competitive Season Mode. The new play type will provide a more challenging and serious experience, compared to the currently available Quick Play and Weekly Brawl!. Competitive Play is already a part of the PC version and will be coming to consoles soon. …

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Rok (iPad) Review


Escape your fate ROK is an interesting take on a futuristic game, where a norseman is taken, and hidden away for many years. Years later a voice in the darkness has come to release him. She teaches him that he has certain telekinetic abilities and needs to find his way …

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Batman: Return to Arkham Delayed Indefinitely


The remastered bundle of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City, originally developed by Rocksteady has been delayed indefinitely. The collection was originally set for a July 26 release. Unfortunately, Virtuous Games will need an undisclosed amount of time to finish the port. “After reviewing the progress of the project, …

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