So, who is the Totally Awesome Hulk anyway?

Marvel has released a quartet of images (so far) of teases at who the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk” might be, and they’re all pretty interesting.
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Toys R Us Star Wars Force Friday KDV_5963

New Star Wars toys go on sale tonight and Toys R Us celebrated all day

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, then you already know where you’re going to be tonight at midnight. But if you had the day off today and were at TRU in Times Square, then you’re already ensconced in that Galaxy Far, Far Away.
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Gunman Clive draws down on the Nintendo Download

The 3DS’ Gunman Clive games get smushed into a collected edition this week.
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quakecon 2016

BYOC – Bethesda announces dates for 2016 Quakecon

The biggest LAN party around, the dates are set for the 2016 installment of Quakecon.
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Save your pennies with the Mad Titan

Who would have thought that Thanos of Titan would lend a hand, helping you stow away some cash? Well, Previews apparently, as they’re about to debut their newest bank, modeled after the noggin of the Mad Titan himself.
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The Witcher 3 Cover Art

The Witcher saga goes on sale on GOG.com

Adventuring just got a lot cheaper as the entire Witcher series of games is now on sale on your favorite DRM-free retailer.
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MKX dlc round 2 Teaser

New DLC kombatants koming for Mortal Kombat X

NetherRealm’s gory brawler is about to get a quartet of new fighters with a fresh round of DLC for Mortal Kombat X.
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown might be heading to the PS Vita

It’s pretty likely that one of the latest installments of the long running strategy series XCOM is on the way to Sony’s handheld.
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Batman Arkham KnightBAK_Sshot146

Arkham Knight patch appears for PC and vanishes like the Batman

Those waiting patiently (very patiently) for the fabled patch for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight might be on the verge of getting their games fixed.
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Uncharted 4 special edition

Uncharted 4′s special editions outlined

You won’t have to go digging around in any ancient sites to get your hands on the special editions that are set to debut for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End when the game hits retail next year.
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Star Wars Battlefront jakku

EA shows off first glimpse of Star Wars Battlefront’s Jakku

A brand new world in the Star Wars saga, Jakku is the scene of the New Republic’s assault on Imperial holdouts and an important piece of the story post-Return of the Jedi.
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Multipurpose Roccat Aluma headset now in stores

The Aluma is the newest headset from Roccat, and it’s one that’s suitable for just about any occasion.
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Pre-order bonuses transform and roll out for Transformers: Devastation

You bet there’ll be some neat little incentives to pre-order Activision and Platinum Games’ new Transformers title, Devastation.┬áBefore we get into the extras though, how about a word from the voice of Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen?
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Uncharted 4 dated, puts the capper on the series this Spring

A Thief’s End is set to arrive for the PS4, capping off the blockbuster Uncharted series, this coming Spring.
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Valiant brings Shadowman and Ninjak together for Operation: Deadside

The world of Shadowman is heating up as of late, and now the supernatural hero will be returning to the Valiant U with a special series of stories.
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Deus Ex Mankind Divided dxmd-still-2_1428503751

Mankind Divided over pre-orders for Deus Ex as release date is revealed

Tiered pre-orders are a pretty new concept, so it’s apropos that that’s the scheme that will accompany Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
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