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Diablo 3: A Guide to GR70 and Beyond

Diablo 3 has enough difficulty levels to accommodate everyone from the casual hobbyist to the most competitive gamers out there. If you’re looking to get past level-70 greater rifts, there are a few things you should know. Given that a 70 is the same difficult as T13, the highest campaign …

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Rumor: Activision Planning Take-Two Grand Theft

An unnamed “senior executive” in the video game industry has told MCV that rumors are circulating that Activision Blizzard is planning to acquire publisher Take-Two Interactive. Should the rumors turn out to be true, it would bring almost all of the video game industry’s top selling franchises under one roof.

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Cheaters Beware

Since its release in July, Starcraft II has been an immensely popular game. But players who have been giving themselves an extra edge may soon feel the wrath of the banhammer. A post on the Starcraft II forums by Blizzard Entertainment reads, “Blizzard Entertainment has always taken cheating in any …

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