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Apogee bolsters coffers with 5mil in funding for upcoming titles

Apogee is back. The developer has been working on a pair of good-looking new titles too, and has just added some funding to pump ’em up.


If you’re a gamer of any length of time, you definitely know the name Apogee. Aside from creating Duke Nukem, Apogee has birthed games like Duke Nukem, the original Prey, Max Payne, and even Wolfenstein 3D. They were a powerhouse, especially in the PC gaming space, for a long time.

That was until 3D Realms folded the brand a few years back. But some companies just can’t be kept down, and Apogee is now back in action, and hard at work on new titles. Elements and Turbo Overkill are currently in development, and now have a little extra boost in terms of backing.

Turbo Overkill

That’s because Apogee has accepted a cool $5 million USD in funding, from something called eWTP Tech Innovation Fund.

eWTP shares Apogee’s vision for an industry future where undiscovered indie talent is found, elevated, and rewarded for simply giving consumers great games—complete, polished, and purely fun. Their investment will accelerate Apogee’s growth, allow the hiring of additional management and production staff, and make possible the signing of several new games and developers spanning the globe.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled by this investment in our future success. I’m especially glad to have met Partner CY Chen and VP of Business Development Jack Sorensen, both of whom impressed us deeply with their understanding of our profession and business goals,” said Scott Miller. “Partnering with eWTP has us excited for the rocket ride ahead, on which we’ll discover and bring even more games to the world.”

“We really love Apogee’s proven track record of discovering new indie studios and nurturing their international success,” said CY, a veteran of the gaming industry and Electronic Arts China who helped pioneer online gaming in China. “We’re honored to support their mission to find undiscovered talent and help create evergreen hits that can remain successful for decades.”

Apogee press release

Stay tuned, there’s more to come on this one as Apogee preps for some big launches in 2022 and beyond.

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