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Starlin and Davis’ Thanos graphic novel saga continues this fall with Infinity Conflict

Thanos is most definitely the villain of the day at Marvel Comics, and his original graphic novel series is in high gear. It’s a set of books that sees the conqueror gain the Reality Gem this fall with The Infinity Conflict.

An old conflict

I haven’t been reading this series of OGN’s from Marvel, but with the classic Thanos/Adam Warlock battle starring, I think I might have to catch up. There’s little to not like about that after all, since it harkens back to the all time classic Infinity Gauntlet arc.

Thanos: The Infinity Conflict has one heck of a creative team behind it too. Penciling will be Alan Davis, who also did The Infinity Eternity, and writing? That’d be Jim Starlin, otherwise known as the man who created Thanos decades ago. If you’re a fan, old or new, that’s kind of a can’t miss.

Also worth noting is that the press release clearly calls the objects of Thanos desire the Infinity Gems. Why’s that significant? Because that is the original name for them. It was changed to “Infinity Stones” only after the Marvel films made the alteration. Could there be two sets in the Marvel Comics U – a set of stones and a set of gems? Could be I suppose, though it’s not clear and could be the same thing.

In any event, The Infinity Siblings is the next book in this series, and hits right around the corner, on April the 4th. As for The Infinity Conflict, you can look for that this November.

Here’s a short preview of what you can expect:

Part of the second trilogy of Starlin and Davis’ Thanos saga, INFINITY CONFLICT takes the Mad Titan on an epic, wild adventure – and brings Adam Warlock along for the ride! Armed with the Reality Gem, Thanos is now poised to become the lord of all reality, until he learns that his troublesome brother and time travel aren’t the only things that stand in the way of claiming his powerful reign.

Who stands against Thanos in this dramatic rebellion? The answer may surprise you…

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