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BroForce May update brings new bros and mech suits

Welcome the Broniversal Soldier, Time Bro, and more to the game that’s chock full of action heroes and more over the top action than you could shake a cigar at.

Time Bro, a Bro who has the power to slow down time and inflict definitive carnage against enemies with his beretta, and Broniversal Soldier, who can bring fallen bros and dead enemies back to fight alongside you because Freedom® never dies, are now playable. Players will also encounter a new mechanized enemy unit who wreak massive mech destruction because mechs are awesome killing machines but must be stopped at all costs in the name of freedom, justice and the American way. Oh, and when you stop it you can get inside and f*ck sh!t up.

For ’80s and ’90s action movie fans, this game just keeps getting better and better. There are extremely thinly-veiled facsimiles of the biggest starts of action flicks past in BroForce and this update just brings in even more of what players are looking for- and then some with the addition of the mech suits that you can actually ride in and blast away at waves and waves of terrorists with.

If that’s not enough, developer Free Lives has also made some tweaks here and there, including changes to the Indiana Brones character (wonder who he’s based on?) and the Mammoth Kopter boss. If you’re a child of the ’80s and you haven’t played this game, you’re depriving yourself. Check out our preview here for more on why you should care about the Bros.

BroForce, although its already packed with stuff, is only currently in Steam Early Access. You can get that version of the game here. As for the full Bretail Brelease, we’ll let you know as soon as we Brhear- because Bros have each others backs.

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