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Dry Dry Desert differences in Mario Kart 8

Check out GameExplain‘s video about the new Dry Dry Desert course in Mario Kart 8. They show the Double Dash version and MK8 version side by side, comparing the two.

Dry Dry Desert initially appeared in Mario Kart Double Dash, though this wouldn’t be the first time the course has reappeared. It was also featured in Mario Kart Wii as well. Though according to GameExplain, there are some differences notable enough to be shown. The lagoon that was added to latest version is probably the biggest difference, as that area was originally just sand dunes. Which makes you wonder if water might have originally been planned for that area, but scrapped later on.

That space seems to perfectly fit the lagoon that was placed in it, a very convenient spot. Besides that there are minor adjustments like the addition of coins as well as the ramp you see on the side of the road before the finish line. The new coat of paint that the stage got is also nice; as per usual the bloom lighting is expertly applied, the stage is more detailed, and there’s a generous amount of shaders used. It’s a welcome addition to the collection of retro stages in Mario Kart 8.

Source: GameExplain

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