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Shin’en teases new announcement for Wii U

Shin’en, the developer of games such as Jet Rocket, Nano Assault, and Fast Racing are working on yet another Wii U game.

Shin’en Multimedia is known for close relationship with Nintendo. They’ve been making video games exclusively for their platforms as far back as the Gameboy Color. One possibility is Fast Racing Neo getting a Doki Doki Panic treatment. In other words, being changed into F-Zero. When previously questioned about a possible F-Zero game on Twitter, Shin’en did say they have something in the works. Whether this just means Fast Racing Neo as an alternative to F-Zero remains to be seen. You just never know with this company; they are a multifaceted developer. They’ve made platformers, racers, shoot’em ups, just about anything really.

Another thing to consider is Nintendo’s previous statements about having third parties develop some first party titles. What better partner to do this than one as close as Shin’en? The time frame for this announcement is largely up in the air, but they did say that it will occur in the next few days. Perhaps another Nintendo Direct will be planned just before Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze‘s release in Japan on February 12th.

Source: Wiiudaily

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  1. Oh please be F-Zero. Pleasepleasepleaseplease…

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    Yeah….. about that, unfortunately it’s not F-Zero. I discovered their new game is Art of Balance for Wii U. Honestly, sometimes I think their talents are wasted. They have the ability to make some really amazing stuff here, and really shouldn’t be wasting their time on projects like this.

  3. Ah crap. You’re not kidding they’re talents are being wasted.

  4. Christopher Deleanides

    Yeah, I have to say I’m more than a little disappointed here, especially after hearing them tease F-Zero before. I hope that Fast Racing Neo will become F-Zero, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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