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Asgard and ton more new content arrives for LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Already stocked to the rafters with characters, Warner Brothers and Traveller’s Tales LEGO Marvel Superheroes has just gotten a godly dose of heroes from the pages of Thor and a bunch more from throughout the Marvel U.

Out right bow for all the console versions of the game are the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Asgard Character Pack and the Super Pack. The Asgard pack is pretty self-explanatory and includes a new helping of ‘mini-figures’ based on the comics and the recently releases Thor: The Dark World feature film including Malekith, Kurse, Sif, Volstagg, Odin, Hogun, Fandral and Jane Foster.

As for the Super Pack, that’s a little less well-defined, but no less cool for Marvel nerds. Actually, as one of those Marvel nerds, I’m pretty excited to get to downloading this one.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Super Pack gives players more Super Heroes and Super Villains, plus new vehicles and races. Play as fan favorites Dark Phoenix, Winter Soldier, Symbiote Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Beta Ray Bill. Leave more damage with LEGO Big Figures Thanos and A-Bomb, and speed through 10 new races aboard the Spider-Mobile and Hawkeye’s Sky Cycle.

That’s a lot of good stuff packed into one… pack. Both packs are available now and can be added onto your copy of LEGO Marvel Superheroes for the Xbox One/360, PS3/4, Wii U or PC. The Asgard Pack will cost you $1.99 USD, while the Super Pack will run you a bit more since it has a bunch more content and is priced at $4.99 USD.

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