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Superior Spider-Man #17 (comics) Preview

Spider-Man 2099 is back and going toe-to-toe with Otto.

Marvel pleased to present your first look at Superior Spider-Man #17, from critically acclaimed creative team of Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman! Because YOU demanded it, Spider-Man 2099 is back! From the splintered fringes of time, how has Miguel O’Hara arrived on a suicide mission that could forever change the Marvel Universe? The Superior Spider-Man wants answers—and he’s not going to ask for them nicely. As the web-slingers come to Earth-shattering blows, the battle for the century starts now! But when the dust settles, will there still be a future worth fighting for? This September, history is rewritten in Superior Spider-Man #17!

To say that I’m not a fan of the Ock-Spidey storyline is probably a massive understatement. Miguel O’Hara, better known as the Spider-Man of 2099, though- he’s a different story.

The fan-favorite character has been dormant (as has the entirety of the 2099 universe) for quite some time in the Marvel U and to see him back in action is a real treat. His simple presence though, does beg some questions. Namely, as a guy from the relatively far future, does he know what’s going on in Spidey’s head?

Miguel might be very much aware of the fact that Dr. Otto Octavius has pushed himself into Peter Parker’s noggin and taken up residence as Superior Spider-Man. If he does know that, then what repercussions might be in order for Doc Ock and might this be the real beginning of the end for the character?

On a personal level (and this is just me here), I’d love to see this chapter come to a close. Not because it’s badly written or uninteresting mind you- but just because Doctor Octopus is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains of all time and I’d like to see him back in mecha-tentacled form post-haste. And, of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing Pete back in his own brain again either.

Find out what the future holds as Spider-Man 2099 comes calling in Superior Spider-Man #17 from Marvel Comics and the creative team of Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman on September 4th.

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