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Combo Crew kicks it on mobiles

A no virtual D-pad brawler? Inconceivable!

From the folks behind Squids (which was a pretty big hit on mobiles), The Game Bakers newest looks to replace poorly working ‘virtual d-pads’ with simple, easy to use swiping and tapping motions. To make that kind of a control scheme work for a brawler is no easy task, but it actually looks pretty solid from the trailer.

Aside from the controls, Combo Crew also offers asynchronous multiplayer, which is getting to be all the rage on mobile devices. If you’re not familiar, async multi allows multiple players to play a game co-op or competitively without playing at the same time. I know, that doesn’t sound like it would work- but I’ve tried it in other games and it does.

Look for Combo Crew to land some punches sometime soon on iOS and Android.

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