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Come get some- Duke Nukem II heading to iOS

Side-scrolling PC classic Duke Nukem II is on the way for iOS devices.

Oh sure, Duke 3D is the one that everybody remembers , but the 2D action title that came just before the beloved classic is a pretty fun time all its own. Now the second adventure in the Duke Nuke series is officially inbound to iOS devices net month courtesy of 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment.

The game will take the Duke through 32 levels of nothing but pure, old school action. DN2 also features some new artwork to better fit the pre-3D Duke in with the post-3D Duke, looks wise. That older art style was sorely in need of some shades after all.

Duke Nukem II will be available net month for Apple iOS devices and will run you a cool $1.99 USD. Check out the game’s Facebook page (here) for more.

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