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Rainbow Moon (PS3) Review

Oooohhhh…..old school rpg action on a new school console at a download price. Count me in!

Remember those great role playing games you sunk hours and hours into as a kid? Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana…whatever your favorite was, they all had the same great elements that make you want to just play and play. Vibrant artwork is a must – after all, if you’re going to look at a game for forty hours or more, it better look good. A great storyline is important too – you have to have some sort of motivation of goal to keep you coming back for more. Of course, the characters need to be equally captivating, because every good rpg is really more about the characters than anything else, both friend and enemy. Finally – you have the battles. Oh, what would an rpg be without the endless grinding? There is just something so very satisfying about fighting battle after battle, inching those stats ever higher with each one.

Yes, there is nothing like an old school rpg to build a lifelong love of gaming. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many modern games that stack up against the classics. Well, until now. Rpg fans, rejoice! Rainbow Moon brings that great formula into the future, and straight to your console – and at download price to boot. Fear not though, the lack of a physical disc makes this no less of a game. You’ll get upwards of forty hours of gameplay out of Rainbow Moon (depending on how much you love to grind), and you can even go back and play through at different difficulty levels (you’ll start with different items). And you won’t sit through long loading times either. Rainbow Moon is a quality game at a killer price, and worth every penny.

So now that we’ve established that you definitely need to buy this game, let’s get into the why. Rainbow Moon begins with an opening sequence that details how your character, Baldren, gets sucked through a portal into an alternate dimension called, aptly enough, Rainbow Moon. Unfortunately, when Baldren goes through the portal, so do a whole lot of unfriendly monsters. Naturally, the people of Rainbow Moon are not thrilled, and Baldren has his work cut out for him getting them on his side. Even more difficult is figuring out a way to get home. No one seems to think it is possible, but Baldren is determined to travel his way around Rainbow Moon and collect objects and knowledge that will aid him in his journey.

As you would expect from an old school game, there is a lot of back and forth involved in Rainbow Moon. You’ll travel around to different areas, venture into dungeons, sail to other lands, and then go back where you started, time and again. There are many side quests in addition to the main quest, and as much grinding as your little heart desires. There is a whole lot in this game to keep you busy, and a lot of little extras to enhance the experience. There is a crafting system that allows you to permanently bond objects together. With a little trial and error, you can craft better and better weapons. It takes a little practice to get things just right (and you can’t undo crafting once you’ve done it), but it adds another level of customization.

There are all kinds of different monsters to fight in Rainbow Moon, and a lot of different ways to fight them. Of course, like any good rpg you need to grind and level up if you want to do well in the battles. But there is also a lot of strategy involved. The combat is turn-based, and at first you’ll only be able to move one square at a time. As you work your way through the game, you’ll learn skills (basically, spells) that can be used to destroy enemies much faster than straight attacks, and you’ll also gain the ability to move farther, and even sub-turns that give you a decided advantage. Some enemies are a straightforward fight, while others can harm you in unexpected ways. And when your party grows, you’ll need to figure out new strategies in order to work as an effective team.

Like most rpgs, you’ll earn points that will slowly level up your characters, making them stronger, faster, and generally more effective. But you’ll also earn Rainbow Pearls for every opponent killed. These can be traded in at the savant, and then applied to different character traits to customize your characters exactly how you like them. Speed, defense, hp, etc. can be increased with these Rainbow Pearls. Of course, since only the character that strikes the killing blow earns the pearls, you’ll have to do some fancy strategizing to keep your team well-balanced.

Final Thoughts:
Rainbow Moon is just an all-around great game. It has engaging storyline, interesting characters, a wide variety of enemies, and a awesome price. It is honestly one of my favorite games to come out of late. The gameplay is addicting, and everything on Rainbow Moon is colorful and vibrant – and makes you want to keep coming back for more. Buy Rainbow Moon – you won’t regret it.

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