Super Monkey Ball: Deal of the Week on Windows Phone

With all the iOs and Android games flooding the market lately, it’s easy to feel left out if you happen to own a Windows Phone instead. Fear not, my friends! The Windows Phone has some great games to offer as well.
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bloodrayne betrayal screens (2)

BloodRayne Betrayal moved up to September 7th on XBLA

Why the bump? Most likely because Microsoft demanded it.
Posted 25 Aug 2011 | News, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments

Hogrocket’s First Game Gets A Release Date

Indie studio gets ready to drop it’s first game.
Posted 25 Aug 2011 | iphone, News | 0 Comments

GameStop recalls Deus Ex PC copies, Square Enix is okay with it

Yesterday GameStop corporate was busted telling its stores to open up all copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and remove the free Onlive promotional code in the box before selling the game to their customers. Later the company took things a step farther and simply told stores to move all…
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new-wii-no-gamecube 2

New GameCube-Less Wii To Have “Similar” Price To Existing Wii Bundles

Sometimes you see a pile of poop and you think maybe there is something worth having under there, but then you dig deeper into the pile and just find more poop.
Posted 25 Aug 2011 | News, Nintendo Wii | 2 Comments
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

Current COO Tim Cook to take over as Chief Executive Officer.
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ace combat assault horizon

Namco wants Ace Combat to be the CoD of the air combat genre

If that’s the case Namco better get some more development teams on the franchise, because there needs to be at least one Ace Combat out a year to reach CoD levels.
Posted 25 Aug 2011 | News, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments

StarDrone (PS3) Review

Beatshapers brings you high flying, fast paced thrills in the downloadable game StarDrone. Will flinging your way through the stars leave you starstruck, or will uncontrollable controller flinging have you seeing stars?
Posted 24 Aug 2011 | News, Playstation 3 Reviews, PS3, Reviews | 0 Comments
electronic arts ea origin logo

Hide your kids, wife, and husband because EA’s Origin is the ultimate Spyware

Maybe Battlefield 3 on the PC is not the best option.
Posted 24 Aug 2011 | News, PC | 0 Comments

Serious Sam 3 is Chaotically Serious

Croteam is using the word ‘chaotic’ to describe their brand new trailer for the upcoming third installment of Serious Sam. Spoiler: there’s roughly a billion enemies with no head running at you.
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Back to Back to the Future

Developer Telltale Games’ full season of Back to the Future is available now in DVD form. What’s that you say? You bought a season pass and played ‘em already? Well then you’ve got a nice surprise coming.
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reggie afro 3ds

Sony knows why the 3DS has struggled

Because the 3D doesn’t work very well. You know compared to Sony’s 3D TVs.
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Awesome game

GameStop Removing Deus Ex OnLive Coupons From PC Version

GameStop decides you’re not getting a code.
Posted 24 Aug 2011 | News, PC | 1 Comment
virtua fighter 5 logo

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown announced for XBLA and PSN

Virtua Fighter 5 redesigned and updated.
Posted 24 Aug 2011 | News, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments
Mega Man: Taking on Cutman

The good, the bad & the bossy: What’s up with boss battles?

Dale Culp gives us the low-down on boss battles.
Posted 24 Aug 2011 | Editorials, Featured Articles | 0 Comments
new wii no gamecube

Crappy GameCube-less Wii is the same size as the old Wii

So if you were thinking “Hey I’ll pick up one of those new smaller Wiis and put it in my pocket, and then the next time someone says ‘Hey is that a Wii in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?’ I’ll reply ‘I am happy to…
Posted 23 Aug 2011 | News, Nintendo Wii | 2 Comments
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