jurassic park

Join PS Plus for one year and get Jurassic Park free

New offer sates that dinosaur appetite of yours
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rocksmith ubisoft

Ubisoft: Gamers don’t really want innovation

Speaking to Gamasutra about the lukewarm reviews for Rocksmith, a music based game that aims to actually teach the user to play the guitar, Ubisoft’s executive director of North America Laurent Detoc stated his belief that as much as gamers ask for innovation in games they tend to “rip it…
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skyrim map

Go ‘Behind the Wall’ With the newest Skyrim Trailer

According to the ‘Behind the Wall’ mini-documentary, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim will be one of the biggest games released this Holiday season- no really, it will be.
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Syndicate Co-Op Trailer Comes In

A look at the rebooted franchise’s co-op mode.
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resident evil operation raccoon city hunk screens (6)

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City demo hits “early next year” *Update*

*Update* Capcom has issued a statement saying that reports of a beta or demo early next year are incorrect. Read the full statement here. Original story is posted below. Mike Jones, the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City producer not to be confused with the hyper-sexy Brutal Gamer Indie Editor with…
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iwata 3ds

Iwata: We are holding back some 3DS software for next year

After having a year with not enough quality 3DS games to promote the new handheld, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata revealed at a recent investors meeting that the company is holding back some titles until 2012 because the upcoming Holiday season is too “dense”.
Posted 01 Nov 2011 | 3DS, News, Nintendo Wii, Wii U | 0 Comments

Logitech Call of Duty: MW3 Gaming Keyboard G105 (Hardware) Review

Be honest now – I had you at Call of Duty, didn’t I?
Posted 01 Nov 2011 | Hardware, News, PC, Reviews, technology | 2 Comments
eternal darkness layoffs

Rumor: Silicon Knights lays off the majority of its staff

The video game studio Silicon Knights, best know for their GameCube title Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, has laid off 72 employees leaving only a “core staff” of 25 according to a rumor first reported by 1up.com.
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Gears of War 3

Horde Command DLC for Gears 3 delayed

 Epic says the pack has been delayed due to ‘technical difficulties’
Posted 01 Nov 2011 | News, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments

New Humble Indie Bundle for Voxatron

Humble Voxatron Debut makes an appearance
Posted 01 Nov 2011 | Indie, News, PC | 0 Comments

Work Commencing on a new God of War?

A new job posting has appeared relating to the next possible instalment of the God of War franchise for current generation platforms suggesting that it would more then likely be a PS3 title.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 | News, PS3 | 0 Comments
resident evil operation raccoon city hunk slider

Some Hunk-y Assets For Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil 2′s fourth survivor returns to the streets of Raccoon City.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 | News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 1 Comment
battlefield 3 box art sm

Battlefield 3 sells through 5m copies in first week

Based on their internal estimates Electronic Arts has just announced that they have sold through five million copies, approximately half of the ten million units the company said they shipped, of Battlefield 3 during the game’s first week on sale.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 | News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments

Phoenix & Gabriel Knight Creator Launch New Adventure Title

Phoenix Online, who you may know from their awesome (and non-commercial) envisioning of the classic King’s Quest universe, is teaming with genre vet Jane Jensen for something brand new.
Posted 31 Oct 2011 | News, PC | 0 Comments
counterstrike global offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta delayed

October beta is, shockingly, delayed
Posted 31 Oct 2011 | Mac, News, PC, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments
battlefield 3 f-18

Battlefield 3 on Steam? Evidence points to possibly

PC version of Battlefield 3 maybe appearing on Steam
Posted 31 Oct 2011 | News, PC, Rumor | 0 Comments
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