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Beat Hazard Ultra (PC) Review

Indie shooter Beat Hazard has enjoyed some success on Steam and even on Xbox LIVE in the Indies zone. It’s first real expansion, Beat Hazard Ultra, brings the pretty with light bloom a plenty. In fact, the term ‘visually arresting’ comes to mind.

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Frozen Synapse (PC) Review

It’s not uncommon for games to place the player in the role of task commander, charged with manoeuvring units across terrain and dispatching enemies in a tactical fashion. This is most definitely the role you will find yourself filling in Frozen Synapse, though its focus is on small squads working …

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Ancients of Ooga (PC) Review

Ninjabee and Bacon Wrapped Games bring platforming, puzzle solving and puking to the PC with style as Ancients of Ooga is easily one of the most enjoyable platformers I’ve played in a while, reminiscent of some true classics of the genre like Crash Bandicoot and Oddworld. Though I should clarify that- …

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