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Mount&Blade (PC) Review

Mount&Blade released September 2008 is the first game from the independent game development company TaleWorlds Entertainment. This medieval based RPG/Strategy/Action hybrid game has a lot to offer the gamer, such as first/third person action fights, where you can choose your weapon of choose ranging from a sword and shield, to …

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Runes of Magic (PC) Review

Runes of Magic is the latest game to hit the PC MMORPG market, developed and published by Frogster. The PC market has slowly been becoming more and more flooded with different MMO games, ranging from the unstoppable juggernaut that is World of Warcraft to the dying-out-legend that is Everquest. So …

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Locoroco 2 (PSP) Review

Sony’s Japan studio managed to bring them selves to the fore of the development huddle with their initial release of Locoroco. The game was unlike anything else on the market and represented a return to simple puzzle/platform mechanics not really seen since the early Amiga days (it reminds me of …

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