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Darksiders (PS3) Review

A BrutalGamer.com review. Listen, to be honest I had barely taken notice of Darksiders until just before the Holidays.  Even then it was just to have knowledge of the game and the release news articles.  So when the copy plopped on to my door mat I was kinda like “meh!”.  …

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Gravity Crash (PS3) Review

A BrutalGamer.com review. Now wait, did I not just review this game?  Was it not set in some caves with colonists and lava… I’m pretty sure I did?  Oh no wait that’s Sony’s other retro shooter Pixel Junk Shooter.  In all seriousness, although I though these two game were going …

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Ceville (PC) Review

Come play…. it’s time to release your inner *******….. have fun…. *evil laughter with lightning in the background* In this game, you will play the roll of Ceville, an evil tyrannical king who’s purest joy in life is to make others miserable. Sadly, payback is a *****, as the game …

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Phantasy Star 0 (DS) Review

200 years ago, something happened. Something big… so big in fact that the world was catastrophically altered, and all history before and even the event itself have been forgotten. Before this moment in time, the three races lived here. Now, however, humans have worked hard at rebuilding their society.  Casts …

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