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Confusion: The Other Path to Success

Some people call it unethical business practices, some call it “marketplace confusion”, some just call it business as usual. We’ll leave it up to the Brutal Gamer audience to determine where Apple App developer Tamas Novak’s latest release, Angry BirdZ falls.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve …

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Grillin’ Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy has taken the gaming world by storm, and many fans are curious about the faces behind the game. Meat Boy’s creators, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, recently chatted with Brutal Gamer about Nintendo, college, and of course, meat. BG: Super Meat Boy has a rather..unique storyline. What …

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Not “Just Gamers”

“Refusing to acknowledge differences won’t make them go away.” Dr. Kyra Banks I have been part of the world of gaming journalism for a while now, and I have noticed quite a disturbing trend.  Acknowledging differences is taboo. Mentioning things such as race, gender, or sexual orientation -even in passing-will …

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Is Solo Gaming A Thing of the Past?

There was a time when gamers could spend their hard earned money on a game, and feel completely justified in expecting both quality single player and multiplayer experiences. You could work at solving a great game on single player mode, and then look forward to enjoying it again with friends …

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