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Not “Just Gamers”

“Refusing to acknowledge differences won’t make them go away.” Dr. Kyra Banks I have been part of the world of gaming journalism for a while now, and I have noticed quite a disturbing trend.  Acknowledging differences is taboo. Mentioning things such as race, gender, or sexual orientation -even in passing-will …

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Is Solo Gaming A Thing of the Past?

There was a time when gamers could spend their hard earned money on a game, and feel completely justified in expecting both quality single player and multiplayer experiences. You could work at solving a great game on single player mode, and then look forward to enjoying it again with friends …

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Console Wars: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

I am relatively new to this whole gaming news thing, as in the past I  got most of my gaming news from mainstream media sources (I know-I’m so ashamed!)  So when I found this wonderful world of gaming journalism, complete with an entire community of gamers to interact with, I …

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