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Bio: I'm a student. That's about it really. I like games as well I suppose. Music as well. I'm 'ambitiously sporty' or at least I like to think and have a passing interest in a few disciplines. I write news for the site among other things.

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PC game sales have increased by 280% over the past year, compared to a loss in console game sales. I'd ...
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They currently hold the shortest odds ever for a team to win its league at 1/50. Rangers are 1/33 to ...
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Well the rumour is $250 in Yen for Japan, $300-350 for the US, this is the first firm details I've ...
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I had a feeling you'd like it ;D. They can't afford to fall behind either, as past experience has shown that ...
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Perhaps but I'd rather a console be actually available at launch rather than the usual selling out nonsense. Call of ...