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Bio: Troy is the Features Editor at Brutal Gamer. When he's not writing about or playing video games, he's enjoying life with his wife and children. He also loves coffee. And lots of it.

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As much as I would love to have some "Microsoft Money" I can assure you we were not paid to ...
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You may have lost a lot of them, but at least (hopefully?) you gained a guitar-playing hobo?
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HIGH FIVE, BUDDY! I know what you and I will be doing on February 5th! Bros in spaaaaaaace!
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As a tech enthusiast, I want one of these things! Hope they're reasonably priced...
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Sweet! Downloading now!
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Thank you for your service to this industry. Reviewing this title was a brave thing! Looks like you ...
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Oh I don't like this! One of the reasons I don't like digital purchases: eventually old crap needs to ...