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Bio: Zeth is our EU Senior Editor and has been writing about video games since he joined BG back in 2008. He's pretty old and has been a gamer since he played Space Invaders as a young boy in the 80's. His genre tastes lean towards platformers, point-and-click adventure, action-adventure and shooters but he'll turn his hand to anything.

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Comment on Rise of the Triad is Back!
OMFG OMFG!!! OMFG!!!!! OOOOMMMMFFFFFGGGGGGG!!! Just had a massive Nerd-gasm! LOVED this game... and it looks EXACTLY like you'd want ...
Comment on Guild Wars 2: Airplane Noises, Hunger Games, & Afro Gremlins
OK Dan... really starting to get worried about your GW2 obsession... :)
Comment on Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD (Xbox360) Review
Damn Mike.. that's 2 of my reviews you've listened to now :)
Comment on Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD (Xbox360) Review
It's a superb little slice of skating heaven :) If you liked the original you owe it to your ...
Comment on It's Too Damned Hot!! Cool Games to Chill You Out
Lucky old you - it's raining like a biblical-motherfucker over here in the UK :( Ultima Underworld.... now there was a ...
Comment on Fan Campaign Looking For 100K TimeSplitters Enthusiasts
I tried similar just over 4 years ago :( http://timesplitters2hd.blogspot.co.uk/
Comment on Fan Campaign Looking For 100K TimeSplitters Enthusiasts
This looks like a very easy Kickstarter project for Crytek surely? They would already have the buy-in of the ...
Comment on New THQ President Vows To Take The Adult-Humor Out Of Saints Row
They tried it in SR 1 and it failed miserably to lock down the right tone. I didn;t compete ...
Comment on E3: Quotes from the Brutal Gamer Newsroom
For a look at something actually interesting from E3 go take a look at John Carmack's VR home project... nice!
Comment on Brutal Gamer Hangout #1: Hairnet Models and Mustachioed Strangers
Hahahahaha you're actually real people... all this time I thought everyone else on the site was just Amy's split personality ...