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Comment on Your Awesome 1-Year-Old Device is No Longer Awesome
The thing is, the current norm doesn't strike me as true competition, because they aren't lowering prices. Seems to me ...
Comment on Tritton Xbox 360 Warhead 7.1 Headset (Hardware) Review
My people! My family laughed when I went nuts over the magnets, but that is legit cool, yo. ;)
Comment on Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD (Xbox360) Review's almost as if Zeth *liked* the game, a little. ;)
Comment on When Free isn't Actually Free
I'm a bit torn on this myself. I do like having physical copies of more expensive games - kind of ...
Comment on Brutal Gamer Hangout #1: Hairnet Models and Mustachioed Strangers
That's totally how I am in real life too---can't focus on one thing, and tons of people swarming around me ...
Comment on Awesomenauts (Xbox360) Review
I assumed that was implied ;)
Comment on Kinect Support Is Coming To Skyrim
You could argue against the blueness of the sky, my friend, but you'll be smiling as you dance your way ...
Comment on Bloomberg: iPad 3 To Be Released This March
I'm going to be smart and hold off for the iPad 207. By my calculations, that model should hit in ...
Comment on The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley (iOS) Review
I never understood why people do the whole "tap randomly till you find something" thing on hidden object games. WHY ...