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MadeFire App now revolutionizing comics on iPhone

The very cool MadeFire motion comics reader moves from iPad to iPhone (and iPod Touch) with its latest update.

You could call MadeFire ‘just’ a motion comics app, but you’d be wrong. It’s more than a little hard to explain in words – just watch the trailer and be amazed.

Pretty neat. It’s almost like an interactive experience but obviously not since you’re still reading a linear story. Nevertheless, there’s a ton of really cool stuff at play here.

Madefire’s distinctive format features episodic, ‘short-burst’ (10-15 minute) reading, and utilizes sound, music and motion, as well as special effects, like parallax and panorama, to transport readers deep into story worlds. Madefire is also growing its catalogue of free titles and weekly releases of new episodes, giving readers even more opportunities to explore ‘short-burst’ reading. The app also includes a new ‘Feed’ feature, which gives readers an inside look into Madefire titles and creators, with special features such as ‘The Making of’ and sneak peeks of upcoming releases.

In any event, the App is now available for your comic reading/watching enjoyment on the entire family of Apple devices, including that very nice little 4″ Retina display on the iPhone 5.

Right now the library is limited in scope, but MadeFire promises more books will be available soon. It’s a free App though, so it’s not like you’re exactly taking a risk by checking it out; something that you can do by clicking here.

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