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I Want Ice Cream! (iOS) Review

Don’t we all, my friend? Don’t we all?

I Want Ice Cream! is an epic tale of an overly energetic puppy in his epic quest for one of life’s great pleasures – ice cream. In Angry Birds fashion, you go through level after level of puzzley platform goodness in search of higher and higher scores…or in this case, more stars.

The actual gameplay of I Want Ice Cream! is extremely simple to pick up on. Your cute little puppy character is constantly jumping up and down (my sister has a dog like that) and you need to direct his hyperactive bounces in a way that gets you maximum coins and, of course, ice creams. It works a bit like a platformer, in that the puppy must bounce from platform to platform (preferably without falling to his death), avoiding obstacles and collecting items along the way. As I mentioned, the puppy is always bouncing, so the only control you have is in which direction he bounces. By tilting your iOs device, you point him in the right direction and hopefully get everything on the screen before reaching the end.

The simple controls on I Want Ice Cream! make it so easy to learn, but very difficult to master. You can’t control how fast or slow the dog goes, and as the levels advance, you must be very precise if you want to both advance to the next level and unlock enough stars to open later levels. The stars can be earned in three different ways. Each level has coins positioned all around it, usually in places that are both difficult to reach, and in an opposite direction from the goal. Collecting all of the coins in a level will earn you one star.

Each level also has several delicious ice cream bars (obscure Ren & Stimpy reference) placed around the environment. Collecting all the ice cream in a level will earn you another star. There aren’t any half measures in I Want Ice Cream! – it’s all or nothing, so you need to get every one. Which leads to your final chance for a star. You must collect all of the coins, nom all the ice cream, and reach the goal….in a set amount of time. If you don’t finish before the time limit, you can still complete the level – you just won’t get that coveted third star.

The look of I Want Ice Cream! is very colorful and cartoony, which really suits the style of the game. Your hyper puppy is cute and bouncy, the environments are uber colorful and fun to look at, and the tilt controls really work well (unless you’re mid-commute). The music is pretty forgettable, but fits in well with the rest of the game.

Final Thoughts:
I Want Ice Cream! is a first game for developer ATP Creative, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at this game. The gameplay is engaging and addictive. It is perfectly safe for children and adults of all ages, with no offensive content at all. The environments are colorful and well done. And most importantly – it is really fun to play.

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