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The CATch (iOs) Review

Ruuuun, kitty. Ruuun!

Oh, Facebook. It has invaded every little bit of our lives. From sharing news stories with friends to posting pictures of your puppy to bragging about your latest vacation, it seems there is little of our life that can’t be shared with that one guy you kind of remember from high school. And with the social gaming being so popular right now, it seems like everyone on your friends list is inviting you to play one game or another. There is just nothing like laying the beatdown on your friends….and being able to post your victories for the world to see. Of course, most of these social games have a short shelf life, and everyone is always looking for the next new game. Let me help you out with that one.

The guys who brought you the Trial Xtreme games have combined the internet’s love of cats with our constant need to share in their new game The CATch. Unlike a lot of Facebook connected games that require you to take turns with your friends, The CATch is a game you can play on your own, or challenge friends….either way, your object is to get the highest score possible in a game that has infinite possibilities to do so.

The way CATch works is simple and very easy to pick up. You are a hunka, hunka orange kitty named Elvis. Elvis runs at a constant speed – you can’t slow down, speed up, or stop. Using touch controls, you swipe up to jump, over to run along walls, and down to slide under things. You tilt your iOs device of choice to balance or avoid obstacles. That is the extent of the controls, which makes it easy for casual gamers and children to pick up as well (I’m coming for you, Grandma.)

Your kitty needs to jump over gaps in the path, slide signs and heat vents, balance on tiny pipes, and turn corners at breakneck speed. The pace of The CATch makes it very challenging, but each play you’ll get a little farther to up that score. As he sprints along, Elvis can pick up things like kitty treats and jugs of milk, and even little powerups like a little kitty helmet to protect you from the hazards around you, which range from a mean old little with a broom to an evil crow that swoops down to peck when you don’t hit the corners right – which happens quite often.

There are corners everywhere in The CATch, and you turn whichever way you want. Right or left, Elvis is just going to keep on running until you screw things up. You can hit achievements like picking up a certain number of milk bottles or catching some birds, and of course inching your score up higher and higher is always a draw (can’t let that weird guy from Accounting take your top slot). But, infinite levels aside, that’s really all there is to it. It’s a fun diversion, and it’s pretty to look at, but ultimately The CATch is a simple game that’s simply fun….for a little while.

The CATch is cute and colorful, and makes for a nice game to look at, in a rather cartoony style. There is the chance to purchase upgrades using in-game currency, real cash, or by completing “special offers” (Oh, how I hate special offers). There isn’t a whole lot in the way of upgrades, but a couple of them are pretty cool. You can upgrade to a new cat (sorry, Elvis), and switch back and forth between them as you like. You can also use coins to purchase the ad-free version of the game, which is a great option at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts:
The CATch is a simple yet curiously fun iOs games that gives you the chance to one-up your friends on Facebook (or play on your own). With easy to pick up controls, a colorful environment, and some challenging gameplay, The CATch is a great diversion for kids and casual gamers as well as their super competitive friends.

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