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Sony To Focus On “Family-Friendly” Games This Christmas

Time to boot up the old Xbox 360.

Sony’s Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, recently told Game Informer that they company has decided to focus their efforts towards “family-friendly” video games this Holiday shopping season, in order to reach what they believe to be a “neglected genre”.

“We’d love to have multi-million sellers for the holiday. But each title needs time to develop, especially new IP like The Last of Us. God of War has always come out in March, so that’s a natural time to aim at. Our strategy for Christmas is to go big on family-friendly titles. This is a neglected genre for the PlayStation 3, but as it matures, I think it’s really important to have these games on the platform. I think we have a great lineup this holiday to complement third parties’ big core games.”

I’m not against having a focus on “family-friendly” games this Holiday, but what scares me a bit is that Sony is planning to make Wonderbook their main Christmas PS3 release. That game doesn’t look “friendly” to anyone.

Source: GamingEverything

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