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Halo-palooza at SDCC

A Halo 4 branded console is commissioned for the game’s launch and the new ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ live action web series debuts.

Set in the UNSC academy, FUD follows the story of a group of cadets as they experience the beginnings of the human-Covenant war (from the first trilogy) first hand. It’s not all prequel territory ¬†though, as the action will eventually shift and lead viewers right smack dab into the opening of H4.


The other big news coming out of Comic Con International this week is the appearance of a new Halo branded 360. The console (and matching controller) are all decked out in their Halo 4 best for the launch of the new game in the series.

Launching with a 320 GB hard drive, a pair of special light up controllers, custom system sounds, and a code for exclusive DLC (and the game itself); this special edition 360 will run you a cool $399.99 at retail. That’s not too shabby a price for all that, although you don’t get a Kinect in the box which might upset… nah, forget that last part.

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