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Sony buys Gaikai

Cloud gaming coming to the PlayStation family? Perhaps

Sony has bought up cloud gaming service Gaikai after months of speculation and denail. The Japanese giant has bought up the company probably to aid its PlayStation brand get ready for the next generation where cloud based services will be king. The transaction is reported costing Sony a not-insignificant $380 million but for futureproofing via an existing company, that’s probably a bargain.

While the PlayStation brand wasn’t specifically mentioned in the press release, many mentions were made of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) which is the head division of the PlayStation brand, so it isn’t much of a stretch to connect the two dots.

The press release had this to say about the buy-out:  “By combining Gaikai’s resources including its technological strength and engineering talent with SCE’s extensive game platform knowledge and experience, SCE will provide users with unparalleled cloud entertainment experiences. SCE will deliver a world-class cloud-streaming service that allows users to instantly enjoy a broad array of content ranging from immersive core games with rich graphics to casual content anytime, anywhere on a variety of internet-connected devices.”

Source: PR Newswire

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