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Clan of Champions Coming to Steam/PSN This Summer

NIS America brings hardcore multiplayer action to PS3 and PC…but not Xbox360.

Developed by ACQUIRE Cor. of Tenchu fame, Clan of Champions promises to offer action and combat in a world of magic and fantasy. Players choose a race – elf, orc, or human – and then carry out various missions either by themselves, with a friend, or in 3 vs. 3 team action.

The official press release makes some interesting promises, but we’ll have to wait till late summer to see how it all plays out:

“Fast-paced Combat – Jump into the fray with a variety of fighting styles and magical spell sets. Find your favorite combination of skills to take on the enemy!
Multiplayer – Recruit your friends online with the 3-person co-op mode or 3-vs-3 battle mode. Customization – Customize your character’s appearance and stat distribution. There are many different weapons and plenty of equipment to aid in creating a unique warrior in your battle for survival! Dynamic Warfare – Strip your enemy of their gear mid-battle and seize it for your own use! Switch weapons and fighting styles on the fly!
Weapon Mastery – Pick whichever weapon type you’d like to specialize in. The longer you use each type of weapon, the more skills and moves you’ll unlock!”

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