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Memorable Video Game Fathers

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Brutal Gamer!

Brutal Gamer wishes all of the fathers out there a happy Father’s Day! Here are some of our favorite video game dads.

Big Boss

Is he psychopathic? Is he a loyal soldier? What is up with that horribly stupid name? You know what? You’re asking too many questions (yes, I know I’m technically the one asking the questions because I’m writing this — nevermind!). There is one definitive fact about Big Boss and that is: he’s a badass, wearing an eye-patch. He’s like a pirate but only wearing a military suit with a band of eclectic baddies. Oh and he’s a father. Sure he tried to kill his son Solid Snake, but once you get to know him in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, he’s not such a bad guy. Okay, maybe he is. And is he is a horrible father. Who tries to kill their own children? NEXT!

Big Daddy

If you ever travel to an underwater city like that of BioShock’s Rapture, and it turns out that the residents have all gone mad, and the concept of a successful utopian society has gone, yet again, belly-up, there’s a good chance you might run into a Big Daddy. They’re huge, armored men in deep sea diving outfits, with a friggin’ drill attachment for a hand. They look after these ghoulish little sisters, who scavenge dead bodies, extracting something called Adam, using cartoonishly large syringes. Uh, happy fathers day… I think.


Whenever I think of favorite video game mom’s I immediately think of Ms. Pac-Man, probably because the prefix. Each Pac Person enjoyed their own unique lifestyles of eating dots, power pellets, and ghosts until Baby Pac-Man came along, and things haven’t been the same since. Mr. Pac is out there in the jungle eight hours a day, trying to make ends meet, while Ms. Pac is hard at work keeping the house in order, the kids fed, and putting up with Mr. Pac’s gripes about the office when he gets home. Sigh. Here’s to you Mr. Pac-Man!


Some dads wear sensible suits to work, flirt with their attractive secretaries, and come home to enjoy a smoke on the pipe with the evening newspaper. Not Kratos! He’s a goddamned killing machine. You get in his way, and he’s not going to politely sic his lawyer friends on you — no, he’s going to take some chains and some badass blades, and pull your intestines out through your asshole… from your mouth! (Think about that one!) Even though he was tricked into killing his family, and has been pretty grumpy about it ever since, he was probably a pretty good father and husband at some point. Ya know what? He probably never really was. He’s kind of a dirtbag. What’s up with this list of terrible fathers?! By the way, here comes another!

Ethan Mars

Let’s round out this very eclectic cast of video game fathers by pointing out one of video game’s most neglectful fathers. Who can forget the video game meme “Jason? Jason! Jason?? Jason!! Jason?!” Yeah, he’s the guy whose doing all of the shouting, because he’s lost his kid in the mall. When it comes to dealing with his kids, Ethan Mars needs a lot of work. If you can make it all the way through Heavy Rain, he actually turns out to be an okay person and even saves his other son. But he’s a father and he still deserves a happy shout out for his day. SHOUT OUT!

So, there’s a look at some of the memorable dads in video games. Sure, some of them are murderous or neglectful jerks, but on the bright side, if you’re a father, I bet you are a better father than them.

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