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E3 2012: Lost Planet 3 Out-Survival-Horrors Dead Space 3

Survival horror fans disappointed by Dead Space 3’s bro-shooter debut may find refuge in Lost Plant 3.

Judging from a new E3 trailer and fact sheet for Lost Planet 3, it appears that Capcom is looking to move the series away from its action shooter roots into a slightly more survival-horror type a atmosphere.

Lost Planet 3 will center around a “rig pilot” named Jim who has left Earth to work on E.D.N. III under a lucrative but very hazardous contract to help prepare the planet for colonization. Jim’s contract has him venturing out away from the Coronis base in his rig to look for Thermal Energy, which is desperately needed to keep the Coronis mission going. Along the way Jim will have to face the treacherous environment of E.D.N. III and the indigenous Akrid in both on-foot missions and inside his massive walking rig.

Check out the trailer above to get a taste of the game’s story and lonely survival-horror stmosphere, and look for Lost Planet 3 when it arrives on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in early 2013.

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